International Women´s Day in Tirana

 8 March is the International Women´s Day. The theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange, and a number of activities are going to be organized everywhere in many countries of the world.  In fact this is a day to celebrate and commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world. It's also a time to recognize the many gender inequalities that still exist today, and talk about what we can do to create a fairer, more balanced world. In some countries there is a tradition to protest for more equality in a men’s world. In other countries social activities are organized to raise awareness about the women’s rights such as: concerts, exhibitions, and many festive activities.

 International Women´s Day in Tirana

But what’s happening in Albania? Do we have a tradition on celebrating the Women International day? Well, not yet. Firstly forget about the protests and demonstration. Albanian women never go to protests asking more rights from their Government. Women in Albania are celebrating this day as a “Freedom Day”, a day off from their family obligations and duties, a day when they can celebrate without their husbands, only in others women company. The usually have a lunch or dinner at a resaurant where they can also dance. Some go for walk with the women, colleagues or friends. Businesses are trying to organize some events to for their women teams, starting from organizing group trips in neighboring countries, or in Albania in different cities. It is a day where  the restaurant are booked all day from groups of women who eat drink and dance 

So if you are in Tirana on 8 March, don’t be surprised if you see big groups of women, wondering to find a good restaurant, having flowers in their hands, or gathered in bars especially around the center of Tirana. This is their day. Restaurants are making their offers, special menu, and invite musicians to entertain women.

The shoppers are so happy as well, because the presents should be special for this day. People spend money to buy the best gift to their mother, sister, wife, or daughter. In fact we confuse the Woman day with Mother Day, so the first in line to get a present or flowers are the mothers. For many years for Albanians, “Woman day” is also the “Mother’s Day”, since we don’t have other special day for Mothers, as other countries do.  So  mothers are the happiest.

But all the women are giving themeselves a chance to celebrate in this day.

 International Women´s Day in Tirana

What about massive activities?

The first activity held on Saturday at Sheraton, the International Women Conference organized from Mops international (Mothers of preschoolers network), gathering women from all over the country, but even from USA, Germany etc, to celebrate with some lectures about the marriage, caring for children, then continued with theaters, games, many gifts and of course a good lunch.

Tomorrow is planned a festive activity on Mother Teresa Square from Swedish Embassy and APR Tirana, from, where women are invited to express their  interest in #GenderEquality at a special fun photo booth!  Of course there will be some goodies. Let’s wait and see. We wish a Happy Women Day.

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