After Midnight New Year’s Eve party

Tirana is a lively city, just like all other European capitals.  But the city warm up especially during the New Year night, when all the young people go out on the streets to celebrate. There will be also a festive concert for the New Year’s Eve which will begin at 23:00, at Mother Teresa Square. Famous Albanian artists will perform their popular songs. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the concert and count down for the fireworks spectacle and exchange hugs and kisses with their beloved ones.

It is a tradition now that people stay at home for New Year night until 12.00 h, and in the midnight they fill the city centre to see the concert organized every year by the Municipality and to enjoy the spectacle of fireworks.  

 New Year in Tirana

Anyway it is cold and no one want to stay longer in the streets, so they go to the bars to drink in company with good friends and celebrate until the early morning of 1st January.

All the bars, especially in Block Area, are open after midnight. For some of them you must book your seat days before. It depends on what the bars are offering for the ‘After Midnight Party’. The prices range from 500 All- 5000 All. It may include just the entrance ticket, or in some cases the drinks or light foods are included, it depends from each bar to another. Live music or with DJ, people dance all the night. They also sing together waiting the first day of New Year in festive atmosphere.

But we recommend you to be careful from incidents. Drunken people may cause some noises in the streets. The police officers will be doubled that night to control the drivers and traffic, also to prevent the arising problems.

 New Year in Tirana

Where to go for after midnight party:

  1. Komiteti Kafe Muze: If you prefer not to dance all night but playing games like: uno, chess, dominoes etc, also rakija and liquors will accompany you all the night long. Cel 069 262 5514
  2. Tulla Center with Dren Abazi and Zig Zag Orchestra! Entrance ticket: 1500 ALL
  3. CITY BAR TIRANE, Starting from 00.01 DJ & KARAOKE NIGHT CEL: 069 47 81 701
  4. Moscow Club after midnight party with NGR Band and Dj Franco.
  5. SOBA BAR The Midnight party, Entrance 1000 all call: 069317517
  6. Destil Hostel The Midnight party, Entrance 1000 all. Cel 069 885 2388

You can explore yourself if you are in Tirana that night, because almost all the popular bars in different areas of Tirana are open after Midnight of New Year’s Eve.

 New Year in Tirana

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