What to do in January 2023 in Tirana

The holidays magic still continues in Tirana on the first two weeks of January. The decoration of the city and the Christmas Tree will be until mid-January so everyone can enjoy these cold winter days. January is also one of the best months to visit the city on a budget. There are sales in the shops. Also January is the quietest month to visit Tirana, since you can scroll in the city without much noise avoiding the crowds.


what to do in january

Beat the January blues by visiting the Skanderbeg square, a warm drink at New Bazaar, or a lunch at Castle of Tirana are some of the things we recommend to do.  Add color to the grimy days by visiting art galleries, museums or cinemas.

If you are an adventure spirit, the Shengjergj area offers many challenging experiences, like ice-skating on the frozen lake called “The Rabbit Lake”. For some other worldly views, the Mountain with Holes will take your breath way. 


What to do in January in Tirana

For some other worldly views, the Mountain with Holes will take your breath way.

For families we recommend the Dajti Mountain National Park, which is usually covered in snow.

One of the most unique attractions is Cyclops’ Eye, a natural gem worth visiting each season, but you have to be careful and wear the proper outfits and shoes.

Family weekend gateways can be best enjoyed in guesthouses of Tirana villages. Make sure to book days before arrival.

After eating lots of food with high calories in New Year’s Eve, we recommend you to change your taste a bit and try gourmet dishes at Gambero restaurant, for sushi lovers go to Amo Sushi, while at Habitat restaurant you will try fresh seafood dishes perfectly cooked.


Amo Sushi and the Amo Poke innovation at Teg

Këtë muaj do të ketë dhe evente interesante në Tiranë, për të qenë të përditësuar hapni këtë link.

For those who want to experience more from Tirana here are some festive days and events

In 6th of January, the Epiphany day is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholic believers. It is mostly celebrated in south of Albania where a wooden cross is thrown by a priest into the sea, river or lake and young men race to retrieve it. According to the rite, the first man who gets the cross is blessed and will have a vintage year. While many Orthodox Christians annually celebrate Christmas day on January 7 to remember Jesus Christ’s birth, described in the Christian Bible. This date works to the Julian calendar.

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