Sushi for the first time, an unique experience at Amo Sushi

After much hesitation I decided to try sushi for the first time, as I had been suggested a new Asian restaurant in Tirana called “Amo Sushi”.

With all the good reviews I read about this restaurant even though it has been open for a short while, I decided to give it a try. The restaurant is very easy to find because it is located in the center of the city, on the main boulevard between "Mother Teresa" and "Skanderbeg" square at Twin Towers complex, in Tower no. 2, floor 0.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you see the minimalist but modern interior unlike the bright colors typical of Asian restaurants. The smiling staff welcomes you to accommodate. The restaurant is average in size and the decor is very neat. This is the first restaurant in Tirana that offers the formula "All You Can Eat". On the table I notice a file which makes me curious. Following the explanation given to me by the staff, this serves to list all the dishes I want to order. At the end of this file I see the menu with ‘QR code’ that you can scan and view it online, as well as a note to inform the staff if I have any intolerance or food allergies.

For the first time hearing AYCE formula I find it easily understandable: you choose what you want from the menu and you will pay only 1990 Albanian lekë, in case you are for lunch, and 2990 Albanian lekë if you are for dinner. Why does the price change? Because at dinner there is a greater variety of dishes available. I think to myself that there must be a trick here! I ask and they inform me that the only condition is that everything that is ordered must be consumed, otherwise it is paid extra with the price which is in the menu. I have to say that I really like this way because this prevents the food waste. In addition to the AYCE formula, of course there is also the opportunity to order the dishes you want, with fixed menu prices. For children the prices are halved and for children under 4 years old they are free. Also i spot highchairs for kids which you find rarely in restaurants in Tirana.

An added value is the fact that they make sushi even for vegatarians. Once I open the menu I see on the second page the list of allergens for people suffering from various allergies to different products, which impressed me as I had not encountered it in other restaurants in Tirana. I asked the waiter what I could order and decided to start with a Sashimi mix to try them all out. At least a part because the menu is very reach of different dishes. The order did not take long eventhough the restaurants was busy.

I had heard that sushi is an art in itself and I proved it when they brought me the dish, a variety of colors and flavors beautifully served. It was the tasting moment, the waiter instructed me how to use the chopsticks and dipp the sushi in the soy sauce for a better taste. The first bite was an explosion of different flavors, not as I had imagined I would smell salmon or tuna.

I tried them one by one and I liked them all, but the "Hoso Sake" was my favourite which you can find in the menu with the code H6, as all the dishes had a specific code. It took me only one bite to realize I would be a sushi lover and a regular client of this restaurant.

I thought next time I would come with my husband but he doesn’t like sushi. If he doesn’t change his mind, I still have a plan "B" because in AMO SUSHI you can find other dishes such as soup, spaghetti, vegetable tempura, ravioli, rice with vegetables ... the list goes on and on!

At the end of the meal I was thinking that it was all a unique experience, and thanks to Amo Sushi. Good thing they offer delivery service so I can order from home or office. If you want to have an amazing experience like I did at Amo Sushi, I’m adding their online website so you can check their menu. I can't wait to go back to Amo Sushi!

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