What to do in August 2020 in TIRANA

Tirana is coping with COVID19, and as experts say we are already in the second wave of the pandemic.  The city is living with the disease and all people are going normally to work and living their life. The masks are obligatory in indoor business activities and institutions, but people are wearing them even in open spaces. The number of deaths is increasing and the situation is totally unclear. See the updates every day of the Covid situation in Albania here: shendetesia.gov.al

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Tourism is almost halted, but people in Tirana are finding ways to go for small holidays, mostly during weekends outside the city, in villages, or for some days in Albanian beaches. No one can travel outside Albania, the borders remained closed.

What you can do in Tirana

During August we suggest you to stay away from crowded places, and to choose to travel outside the city in nature, in villages, in mountains around Tirana. It is better than going to the beach, which is so close to Tirana. There is a strong relation between green places full with oxygen and low numbers of infected people by COVID. So what we suggest is be part of nature as much as you can, stay in open spaces not indoors. You can do hiking, climbing or picnics, entertain your kids with sports and open air activities. Here are some places where you can go in weekend while you are in Tirana in August outside Tirana . tours to  Tirana

 If you want organized daily tours around Tirana, here are some of them, which we can arrange for you: Daytrips in Tirana

Where to eat

Please avoid indoor restaurants with air conditioner and choose instead restaurants in open spaces in nature. Read before the reviews for each restaurant or guest house, especially regarding about their cleanness and hygiene. Good restaurants and hotels have mentioned their anti-covid measures in their website. Before you stop somewhere, you should see their website, how updated they are, how much they care for the guests etc. You can stop everywhere and possible be infected. There are very responsible businesses and from the other hand there are businesses behaving that nothing is happening. Take care about your health. We suggest more that this period you should eat your own food, organize picnics in nature, or in small parks. Our motto is: Eat Homemade Food during pandemic!

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Cultural Activities

The cultural life in Tirana has started, with some activities in open spaces such as Reja installation, and Tirana Amphitheatre and Skanderbeg Square.

Reja has started its own yearly festival, during summer day. Every day at Reja you will see activities, dance, music, painting exhibitions and different artistic performances. You can sit in the ground, take a beer and enjoy the spectacle.

For four days at Skanderbeg Square (4-7 August) you will see at Skanderbeg Square more than 100 best artistic pieces of modern art screening at the square. The spectacle will be visible for anyone. You can keep the distance and enjoy this beautiful performance.

You can still enjoy every Thursday, new Shakespeare monologues, performed by the actors of Metropoli Theater. You can watch them in their social media channels and YouTube.

Museums and galleries are open under strict measures. No open space festivals, but there are some concerts at Amphitheatre with limited number of spectators, mostly to give the atmosphere of music and live at the most frequented area, which is Tirana Big Park.

Enjoy your stay in Tirana, but stay healthy is the first thing you have to do.


tours to  Tirana

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