What to do in July 2020 in Tirana

The hot days are here, the real summer. Tirana streets are somehow empty during the day, but in afternoons everything changes. People tend to go outside the city, in the nature, or in swimming pools which are everywhere in all surrounding area of Tirana. In the evening the city is very lively again, bars and restaurants, parks are full of people. 
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Covid19 situation

Albania is facing Covid19 in an appropriate way. There is a growing number of infected people, because we have a bigger number of testing, and this rise is normal. While the number of death is about 60, which is still the lowest number in Balkans. For updated news regarding the covid19 please see the official website of Ministry of Health https://new.shendetesia.gov.al/

There are still some restrictions regarding the free movement of people in other destinations. For the flights available from and to Tirana please check  https://www.tirana-airport.com/

The interurban public transport is open so you can travel from Tirana to other cities, in bus  stations in http://tiranaparking.al/terminali-i-autobuzeve-nderqytetas/

Bars and restaurants are open without limits, just take care about social distancing.

Museums and Galleries are open and starting to show new exhibitions, but under strict measures for visiting them due to COVID19

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While the activities in open space and festivals are banned, but there are some concerts started at Amphitheatre at Tirana Big Park since it is a big space and people can enjoy, but seated in social distance for 1 m from each other

What to do for July 2020

Since the COVID 19 is still circulating among us, we suggest to go in fresh air, in villages around Tirana and in mountainous areas. We have plenty of tours organizing every weekend and you can book with Visit Tirana, such as visit at Shengjergj, Bovilla Lake, Cyclop Eye, Kakunja Waterfall. See all day trips tours here: http://www.visit-tirana.com/explore-tirana/tours-to-tirana/daytrips-in-tirana

The sea is so close to Tirana, just 30 minutes in Durres, or in other areas such as Divjaka, Spille etc 1 hour far from Tirana. Especially during weekends people go out of the city and turn back on Sunday evening to start on Monday their work. There are several interurban buses to and from Durres every day.

When you go out of Tirana you will find several swimming pools, mostly of them in old Tirana Elbasan Road. The prices varies from 500-1000 ALL per person. It is good to spend a day close to Tirana in swimming pools, all of them have bars and restaurants.

Bike tours are also very popular, you can rent a bike for 24 hours and enjoy the surrounding of Tirana, especially the villages, such as Baldushk, Petrela, Vaqar, Kashar etc. You can do hiking in Dajti Mount, or to go to Adventure Park in Dajti.

In the afternoon, Skandberg Square is the most populated area, where people can sit everywhere, bike or skate in the square. Or go for a walk to the lake. The open bars are full everywhere in  Tirana, which is the most popular activity in the city. People stay in late hours, talking, drinking or dining with each other. In summer afternoons Tirana looks very crowded. People turn from their daily works, or daily tours and the afternoon the city is full of people 

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Don’t underestimate all the measures due to covid19. Don’t hug people, keep distance, wash your hands, and keep masks in populated areas, also in supermarkets and all the shops. Enjoy the staying in Tirana.

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