What to do in May in Tirana? Travel Locally, Save tourism

Tirana is still isolated due to Covid19, since the majority of infected cases are registered in the capital of Albania. But we are opening slowly, starting from shops, other businesses, and the city seems to be going back to normality. Yet, the only international airport remains closed,  and so are and the land borders.

The government decided to start opening the border with Greece and with neighbor countries, since all Balkans countries had low mortality from coronavirus. The decision will be made on 11 May.

From now, people are allowed to go out and work from 5 AM to 17.30 PM, each day. The businesses  that are aloud to be open can start working in these hours. The school will be open in 18 May partially, while the bars and restaurants are the last businesses to  open, at least in Tirana. Probably the restaurants and bars will be open in June.

Tourism is the most affected industry from Covid19, since people are isolated. What Ministry of Tourism and tourism organizations are suggesting this period is to target domestic tourism in the country, and invite locals to travel in different destinations within the country .The neighbor borders will be open during the summer, the people from Balkans could be the foreign visitors in Albania during this year.

what to do in April in Tirana

Visit Tirana in May will promote all rural destinations, and outside attractions of the Capital, to invite people to visit them tomorrow, probably in the summer months. Here you will find all the daily trips outside Tirana here: Daytrips in Tirana.

If you need a guide, don’t hesitate to contact our staff. We also recommend you to read all natural attractions around Tirana, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, and much more here: Outside Tirana . You can plan in advance your travel to these places and book them now.

Regarding the cultural life, all events are canceled, but there are some concerts organized by the Municipality in the middle of different apartment blocks in Tirana. Also you can follow some theaters online in Youtube at Metropoli Theater:  Online Theater

what to do in April in Tirana

You can visit in a virtual tour, some museums in Tirana, Museums Virtual Tour.

If you want to book in advance your hotel for a weekend stay in Tirana, please see our suggestions here: Hotels in Tirana 

Hotels are open, and you can stay a night or two, to escape the isolation and long stay at your homes during pandemic. Check with hotel first. 

Good news is that according to studies, Tirana city is cleaner and greener this period, due to low traffic in the streets, closure of businesses and lack of human activities. The city refreshed its lungs, so let’s keep Tirana as it was during these two months. Don’t pollute, leave nothing only your footsteps everywhere you go. Let’s start to learn the sustainable ways to keep clean our destination.

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