What to do in April! Stay Home-Stay Alive

Time to not Visit Tirana! It is time to stop where ever you are, and stay home. Stay Safe! Stay alive!  For the first time since Visit Tirana tourism portal was created, we are not inviting people to Visit Tirana. It seems a surreal situation, affected the whole world. Covid19 is the name of the virus, who locked down all the people in their home: no flights, no travel, no working, no entertaining, no schools, everything is closed. No one predicted this situation, despite previous pandemic crisis, despite many movies with this topic. No one could ever imagine the impact of such situation. Even strong governments with their trillions budgets, don’t know how to behave, and how to save their economy.

what to do in April in Tirana

Tourism is the one of the worst-hit sectors from this pandemic. Since people are not travelling, airline industry, all businesses in airports, hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, tour guides are hugely affected. One in 10 people is working in this industry, the people affected are now in millions in the whole world.

what to do in April in Tirana

Tirana is a city that welcomes tourists year around, especially starting from March-November. We always have suggested through different articles in Visit Tirana, what to do every month.

For April 2020 our recommendation is just to stay home, to follow all the instructions of Health Authorities regarding the prevention measures for #Covid19. Respect the rules of Governments regarding the curfew hours, social distance and high hygiene.  Call these numbers if you have any problem.

what to do in April in Tirana

Obey to the new rules

While you are in Tirana, you should know that only one person could go out to do the necessary shopping every day. The person should apply for the permission to https://e-albania.al/. Read carefully the instructions to take the permission. If you are foreign citizen just send a message in tel number: 55155, (ID number and time; for ex: N00587336U 10.30). You can use your permission only to go out from 5 AM-13.00PM every day. On Sunday the curfew is 24 hours.  

Where to buy food

All supermarkets are open, and other food shops all over the country. In Tirana you can order your products online. Here are some shops where you can buy food online, or order your lunch or dinner

what to do in April in Tirana

Museums online

For all Albanian citizens and foreigners who can’t visit any museums during this crisis, we invite everyone to have a virtual tour at each of museums in Tirana, in this link. Learn about the history of Albania and share the information with your children. See the link here:


Learn and read

The bookstores in Tirana will be open this week, until 13.00PM. You can go out and buy your favorite books, but you can order them online too, at Bukinist, Adrion etc.  But the best thing you can do this period is to follow free online courses in your favorite subject

Exercise and Play with kids

There are plenty of apps you can download for doing some exercises at your home. According to WHO, adults should do 30 minutes exercises per day, while children one hour. You can use this time to play together, to do some games and talk.

Buy Albanian Products

Buy Albanian Products

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