Lakes of Tirana

There are numerous lakes near the city of Tirana and fascinating lakes hidden in the mountains and hills of Tirana.

Grand Park’s Lake

The Artificial Lake of Grand Park in Tirana is the most popular and frequented lake due its location. Activities you can do here are: boat riding, canoeing and kayaking. You can take your bike and cycle around the lake.  The lake was built from local waters in 1955 on volunteer work to build a 400 metres long dam that holds the waters from overflowing onto Tirana.

Lakes of Tirana

Farka Lake

In the heart of the village is a beautiful lake, bearing the same name, Farka Lake. This lake now is surrounded with a very modern pedestrian street, where people can walk for miles around the lake, and enjoy its panorama. You can seat and have a rest for a while in the benches around the lake, and continues your walk.

Lakes of Tirana

Bovilla Lake (Reservoir)

Bovilla Lake is the largest reservoir in the district of Tirana. The reservoir is supplied with water from the Terkuze River, which originates from the northern part of Mount with Holes (Mali me Gropa) and the rainy waters of the surrounding hills. The lake is surrounded by a mountain range. From any height of the lakeside mountains you can enjoy the spectacular view of the landscape.

Lakes of Tirana

Kashari Lake

Kashari Lake or Kashar water reservoir is located only 5 km from Tirana city center and can be reached by car, by bike or by bus in the center of the village. The area around Kashar is very beautiful with fantastic scenery of surrounding hills and houses with red rooftops. The Lake of Kashar and the area around is declared as Third Park of Tirana by the Municipality.

Lakes of Tirana

Liqeni i Lepurit- Rabbit’s Lake

Liqeni i Lepurit (The Rabbit’s Lake) is located in the village of Shengjergj. Surrounded the pine trees forest and mountaineer view, this lake is really fascinating with its deep green colour reflected from the pines.

Lakes of Tirana

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Pezehelmes Lake

The Pezëhelmes Lake is located in the village of Pezëhelmes, very close to Tirana. It is surrounded by all sides with hills that have once been terraced. To go up there take the old road from Tirana to Durrës (Ndroqi road) and return to its left after the Pezehelmes street sign table, just ahead of Peza. The road is good and leads to the lake. The lake is very beautiful and offers relaxing view. You can take a walk on the trails around the lake.

Lakes of Tirana

Prushi Lake

Prushi Lake situated in the village with the same name, is an artificial lake beautifully surrounded by pine trees. Once you go there you will notice the lush vegetation around the lake. This place is perfect if you want to experience a different weekend with your family or friends. If you prefer you can walk, hike around the area. To go there you have to follow the road from Tirana to Vaqarr, before arriving in Vaqarr take the right road to village of Prush. The road from village to the lake is really good.

Lakes of Tirana

The lake of Rov village

The lake of Rov village is located between Petrela and Baldushk village, just off the road that connects these two areas. The road is good and can be reached by car to the lake. The edge of the lake, on one of the hills surrounding it lies the village of Rov. There is a hiking path around the lake and in the area, there are a lot of paths to explore. It is a destination where nature lovers can find pleasure and peace.

Lakes of Tirana

Fjolla Lake

This lake is situated in the Peza Village, about 35km far from Tirana, on the old road from Tirana to Durrës. The lake is surrounded from all the sides with green hills in different altitudes. It is amazing to see this place all in its natural shapes, with no buildings around. That means that the waters of the lake are very clean if you want to jump and swim on it. The colors of the waters are always in crystal deep green. The flora around the lake is very dense and natural. Apart admiring the nature, you can climb or hike in the hills around the lake. The view lake from the hills is just breathtaking.

Lakes of Tirana

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