What you need to know before going to Shengjergj waterfall

Tirana is surrounded by numerous natural attractions, many of which are not far the city. Lately, a lot of people leave the bars and cafes of the capital in search of tranquility and adventure in nature. It is important that before your trip to the Shëngjergji Waterfall you should be well informed about the area and the level of riskiness.

Shengjergj is a huge district with 12 villages, which is situated in the other side of Dajti Mountain. As you reach the entrance of Dajti National Park, you turn right to the road heading to Shengjergj. As you drive down the road you see a beautiful nature, green valleys, the river, lakes and mountains.

Trip to Shengjergj Waterfall Tirana

To reach the place of waterfall you need 1.20 hours from Tirana. What we loved to see, is that many people stopped to visit the Shengjini Waterfall, which is 15 minutes walking from the main road, where a Bilboard with all the hiking paths is hanging in the place. The road is good and very well marked. So, if you are without guide, you can climb on your own. But, unfortunately is dangerous for kids, or for third age. While most of the road is good, only in one place to reach the waterfall is very difficult. So, there is a need for some improvements from Municipality.

Trip to Shengjergj Waterfall Tirana

This area is so close to Tirana, and even the pupils and students can come to see it. But not in this condition. Some stairs, some ropes are necessarily needed in order to prevent any accident in the place. A small booth where a person can stay and monitor the people also offer the first help can be employed by AKZM or from Shengergj municipality. A balcony or a terrace can be adapted to the area for the safety of the people.

This situation is in all the beautiful natural attractions around Tirana. You can reach them by car, but when it comes to hiking is dangerous. Pellumbas Cave is another example. The path to it is very difficult in some places, very dangerous for the kids, while the Cave itself is totally in dark. There are many caves even in the region, for example Gadima Cave in Kosovo, which is very safe and well lighted. If you go to Pellumbas Cave, you can risk your life, since the terrain is wet.

Trip to Shengjergj Waterfall Tirana

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