Demo Explosion - “A Mall Culture Story”

People by and large still perceive formalism, “traditional art”, recognized museums and gallery spaces as the proper and correct conditions on which “good and respected” art is created and displayed on. It is exactly this popular held belief of what is normal and proper that NEBO under the curatorship of Arber Kadia comes to TOPTANI center in search of a true cultural challenge. This exhibition is not only a display of paintings but an intentional desire for dialogue of man and his relationship with tradition, space and normality. NEBO comes to TOPTANI after a successful solo exhibition at the National History Museum acclaimed by the critics and public.

Nebo exhibition at Toptani Center Tirana

Can consumer culture and art culture exist together this is the key question. Should we strive for exclusivity in Art or for a democratization of it? Do we really need to be the physical owners of a painting to appreciate it and take with us just its aesthetic value?

In an age when everything is at our finger tips it appeared only just for the artist and curator to offer a similar experience to the everyday shopper hoping that their attention would be drawn to these works of art. The behavior of the shopper in front of these works will make the beholders unknowing part of a democratization art process where art is not exclusive just or the art world but inclusive for the public striving not for people to visit galleries but for exhibitions to visit them in their most common daily activity. 

~ Arber Kadia ~

Nebo exhibition at Toptani Center Tirana

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