What Albanians buy for the New Year

The new year eve is the period where Albanians spent money.  It is becoming a tradition now to buy presents for the new year not only for the kids and family but also for other relatives.

But what Albanians love to buy?

Seasonal gift baskets

This festive season is all about food and wine. So, the first gifts are baskets which are filled with ‘panetone’, sweets, honey, olive oil, chocolates and the most important is Wine or other drinks. Seasonal gift baskets you can find in all supermarkets, but also in special shops for these kinds of products, such as wine, olive oil etc.

What Albanians buy for the New Year

Books and Albums

The second present are books. Even though the highest season for buying books is the November, because of the Book Fair, the biggest in the country, people tend to buy books, albums, cards for the New year. That is why in some book store you can see some offers or sales for the books. The best seller are photo albums and cards.

What Albanians buy for the New Year


Some people tend to spend more for the New Year, probably to do the best gift of the year to make happy their relatives. Smartphones or other electronic devices are also best gifts for this year. There are always some sales for these products during this season

Jewellery and clothes

A good watch or a necklace is always a favourable gift especially among couples. People love to do such presents to their loved ones. It is hardly to find sales in this product, but it is always an option. You can choose to buy even some souvenirs not expensive gifts in this regard

Many people continue to buy some new clothes for the New Year, even though here are not applied big sales like in UK with Boxing day. But there are some sales at TEG, in the main brands and you can profit maybe some good quality clothes.

...But is better to donate

But remember this festive season is all about donation, sharing what you have with other people. If you want to buy new clothes, take your oldest one, or what you don’t want to wear anymore, and give them to people in need. It will be good not to spend in luxury, but make possible that a poor family you know, or living close to you, to have enough food in the table. If everyone donates some money and food to the people in need, they also will feel the best festive season ever.

Buy Albanian Products

Buy Albanian Products

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