Prohibition Speakeasy-the most unusual bar in Tirana

A brand new unique bar is added in the list of Tirana bars, inspired by the 1920s in the United States. Prohibition, is the name of the bar located on the heart of the blloku area, which has opened the doors for the public in a special event in late November. Here are served cocktails that you will not find in any other place, the first quality of alcohol, without the pressure of a  dress code, while mostly appreciating the comfort . The atmosphere between the tables and the clients is so friendly that seems like you have done a reservation to gather your close friends,  which is something that you can literally do in this place.

Prohibition Bar Tirana

But what is the history of the Prohibition Movement?

The Prohibition in the US was a constitutional ban on the production, import, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933. During this period, all nonconformists gathered in certain bars and continued to consume it illegally. It seemed as if tea was served on the tables when in fact there were alcohols in the cups. Within cabarets, pubs and pubs, hidden spaces were created in the form of invisible rooms for the public with secret entrances.

Prohibition Bar Tirana

Today you do not need to make such sacrifices to consume your favorite drink. Everywhere you have a choice for what and where to consume alcohol. So many people are really related to alcohol, it looks like  it has become a social emblem to show what it means to have fun. In Tirana, going out for a drink is the most popular and favourite activity. There are so many variations of where you can go, especially in the area known as ish blloku, but again all complain about a fact: everywhere is the same, no difference in style. There are not many choices  for alternative bars, especially for lounges and pubs.

Why “Prohibition” bar

Prohibition Bar Tirana

In  "Prohibition" bar you will get  a unique experience. You enter a two floors building with a warm atmosphere, low lights, where wooden decor prevails. The music chosen in the background is mostly soul.  You sit on the table and find a menu of drinks different from the other bars. The so-called "prohibition cocktails" are inspired precisely from that era and from the desire to consume quality alcohol. If your choice is not cocktails, but a classic glass of wine, but this also comes different in "Prohibition" –hot wine like in Scandinavian tradition, not just red wine but also white. Fantasy and art not only from the menu, but also from staff serving in 'chic' uniform, 20s style o. You think you've seen the whole bar , but then in a corner you see a pair of stairs which lead to a third ground floor, a private room, a chimney, and a bar service. On one side of the room is a large corner, an ideal place to gather among friends for an event, having all the available facilities, in the same time connected with the music of the floor above, that is heard in the background.

Prohibition Bar Tirana

In "Prohibition" you can go between a break, or at the end of the day from the office. You can go there to  disconnect from the noise or from traffic, while sipping your favourite drink, which these days is not only allowed, but also served in the most unique way. If you are in Tirana do not miss a visit to Prohibition.

Check their Facebook Page for updates: here

Prohibition Bar Tirana

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