What to do in December in Tirana

People deserve to celebrate in the end of the year. That is why the celebrations in December are becoming bigger and bigger all over the world. In Tirana the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year started earlier this year, in the last days of November. Christmas lights are on everywhere. There are two Christmas markets which make the centre of festive season: Skanderbeg Square and New Bazaar. There are small houses selling Christmas items, good bars and restaurants and playgrounds for children. 

If you are in Tirana in December, we suggest you these things to do:

What to do in December in Tirana

Walk and see Christmas lights

The weather is not so cold in Tirana, so you can wonder in the city and see the Christmas lights in many neighbourhoods. The best places are Skanderbeg Square, main Boulevard ‘Deshmoret e Kombit’, Pazari i ri, Toptani Street, Myslym Shyri Street, block zone, etc. But you can enjoy festive atmosphere even at trade centers, see the Christmas décor and do some shopping.

Décor your house

Don’t forget to buy a Christmas tree and do some decorations in the houses. You can buy decoration things in the big market at Medreseja, in Çam market close to the center, or in shopping malls, but also you can buy them online. There are some agencies offering now decorations. You can enjoy every day outside, but when it comes to the cold nights it is better to stay indoors and have the warm festive feeling at home.

Go shopping

Souvenirs, gifts, food everything you need for your family and friends, you can choose to by them in one place such as Christmas market and trade centres, but also in different shops. There are some shops to buy gifts and souvenirs shops. We suggest that one of the best gifts are photo albums of Albania. One of them is Tirana 2018, with the best view of Tirana in latest years, which you can find at the Visit Tirana office, or at National Museum Souvenir shop, or at Albania bookstore in the block area.  

Follow the Events of Visit Tirana

Going to cinemas, theatres, concerts and shows is always a pleasant thing to do in evenings during the holidays. Many people have many days off so all what we can do for you is to see every day our database of events before you plan your day, or night.

Cook at home, but enjoy also the restaurants

Cooking at home is a fantastic thing to do during the holidays and cold weather. Albanian housewives are preparing the baklava and other favourable dishes for the New year, at least one week before the festive days. The homes are filled with delicious aroma coming from the kitchen and this is the feeling of 'home sweet home'. But the restaurants are all open, even for festive days, and they are cooking also all the traditional dishes. So, if you want some else cook for you during the festive days there are plenty of restaurants, ready to welcome you. See the list of restaurants here.

Beat the cold with warm drink

Coffee, cacao, hot chocolate are the best drinks for Albanians who are coffee addicted. In every corner you can find a place to warm up. But also, if you like to drink beers and other drinks the bars are open especially during the festive days. For some of them you must book days before. See bars here

Enjoy some snow

Tirana is lucky to have the Mount Dajti so close. You can see from your window if the Dajti is filled with snow. Just take the Cable Car and for some minutes you are in the middle of snow. Even though there are not offering ski sports, you still can play with snow and have fun in this place having also the wonderful view of Tirana beneath.

Donate something, or volunteer

The holidays are the best time to remember people who need help. If you see homeless people outside offer them a shelter for these days, or a warm blanket, a plate of soup. Or you can donate at Charities, Orphanages, Shelters for Elderly and for all other people who are poor and living in poverty. You can buy some gifts, donate your clothes or volunteer in these orphanages or shelter to make company to these people and to give them the feeling of home. There are some initiatives taken by the municipalities and other nonprofit organizations, which are engaging community to take parts in these volunteer opportunities.   

Spend time with people you love

The best thing for Christmas and New Year is to be with your family, parents and your relatives. People traditional celebrate these days with their bigger family. Spending time with family make this season so magical and all the memories will be with you to start the new year wherever you are working or studying. Christmas is all about home and family. So, stay together and celebrate in Tirana. Don’t miss the final countdown in the Skanderbeg Square, the spectacle of fireworks and the concert which is held every year in the square. Make your wishing list for the 2019 and hug each other. Enjoy!

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Buy Albanian Products

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