10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

Are you in Tirana? Do you want to see more than just the city? Here are 10 best places we suggest if you are a nature lover. 

1. Bovilla reservoir

Bovila Lake is the largest reservoir in the district of Tirana. The reservoir is supplied with water from the Terkuze River, which originates from the northern part of Mount with Holes (Mali me Gropa) and the rainy waters of the surrounding hills. The lake is surrounded by a mountain range. The view is just amazing. The photo below taken by Flori Proko.

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

2 Pellumbas Cave

The Cave of Pellumbas, or the Black Cave (Shpelle e Zezë), is about an hour hike outside the village of Pellumbas, located 27 km southeast of Tirana. The cave itself is approximately 360 meters deep, and inside are impressive stalagmites and stalactites, as well as bats flying around the cave. The photo below is taken by Anxhi Celiku

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

3 Erzeni Canyon

This is one most beautiful canyon in Tirana area. The Erzeni River is 1.08 km long, with flow rates of 102 l /sec. The water of this river, which has been flowing in a rocky terrain over the centuries, has created spectacular canyons. Photo taken by Lisander Jella

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

4. Shtegu i Gjelber (Green Path)


“Green Path” cover a 40 km route starting from the Hills of the Artificial Lake towards the green crown of the capital until you reach to Durres city. It is a bike tour. You can see amazing beauties of villages, lakes and hills, meeting people and enjoying the breath-taking nature. Photo of Green Path by Klaidi Bodinaku.

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

5 Dajti Mountain

It takes only 13 minutes to climb to the higher Mountain of Tirana, Dajti, 1613 m, with Cable Car. The journey provides a kind of summary of life in Albania and its history. When you arrive at the top the view is just breath-taking. it doesn't matter if it spring, summer, autumn, and winter. What you see is spectacular.  Photo taken by Drilon Neli

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

6 Shengjergji waterfall

Shengjergji Waterfall is another treasure of nature in Tirana surroundings. It is situated near the village Shegjin, in Shengjergj district, Tirana. Everyone can reach there, because the road is in good condition, and you can go by car. Photo taken by Visar Bucpapaj

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

7 Vali Cave

The Vali Cave is located in the village of Shengjergj in Tirana municipality. The Cave is natural monument protected by the National Agency of Protected Areas. This is a really special cave. In this cave ends the river of Biza. Photo below taken by Petrit Kotepano.

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

8 Tirana Lake

Grand Park in Tirana is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old. It is the biggest green area reachable by foot, and a perfect place to get away from the busy city. Tirana citizens come here often in the early evening and typically on Sundays, to walk, take a coffee, run or ride a bicycle.

Photo taken by Ardit Lici.

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

9 Petrela Castle


Petrela is located 12 kilometers southeast of the capital, alongside Tirana- Elbasan national road. Its villages are extended on both sides of the scenic valley of Erzen, across the half of its length distance. Considering its physical formation shape with fields, hills and valleys, it provides a striking contrast to nature. Photo taken by Camilo Hernandez

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

10 Farka Lake

The Farka village is 8 km far from the center of Tirana to its East, it took its name from farkëtar -blacksmith, so it is called the Village of blacksmith. In the heart of the village is a beautiful lake, having the same name, Farka Lake. Photo taken by Ndue Prela.

10 most beautiful views of Tirana surroundings

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