Ask me a question about Tirana

What are the best places in Tirana? Where can I eat? Where to go in weekend? These are some of the questions that visitors ask us at VisitTirana. 

To answer some of them, Visit Tirana posted a story on our instagram account @visit_tirana

Almost most Instagram users tested the new option of the Instagram story "Ask me a question", where followers could ask different questions and waits for the answers.

We received a many replies to our story "Ask a Question to Visit Tirana". Below you will find the questions and answers:

Ask me a question about Tirana

The most 'cool' places in Tirana?

-For family: New Bazaar, Great Lake Park, Youth Park, Dajti Mountain for family weekends.

What is the most beautiful landscape of Tirana?

- The most beautiful view of Tirana from the place known on the hill as Lapidari.

Recommendations of places to explore with a bike?

-In fact there are many places to go by bike, starting from the closest: Tirana-Farka Lake: Tirana-Kashar Lake, Tirana-Lake Fortuzaj etc.

Ask me a question about Tirana

What are the best places to eat?

-For us are: Restaurant ERA, Piu39food & club, Millennium Gourmet, Ballkoni i Dajtit, Uka Farm, Hotel Colosseo restaurant and Mullixhiu restaurant.

The best bars?

We cannot mention just one. These are our favorite bars: Pepper Pizza Cocktail Bar, Radio Bar, Komiteti Kafe-Muzeum, Tribeca Bar, Nouvelle Vague, Dada Tirana and many others.

Name Vegetarian Restaurants

-Veggies Tirana, Greeny Tirana and Happy Belly.

Ask me a question about Tirana

What inspired you?

- Tirana, the city itself.

What do you like and dislike from Tirana?

-We like: metropolitan lifestyle and rhythm, we have beautiful youth, restaurants and bars, nature around. The center of Tirana and nearby attractions can easily be reached on foot. You can be for 30 minutes by car at the mountain and the sea.  

What we do not like is that Tirana doesn’t have many old characteristic sites that can be visited.

What changes have been made there?

-We don’t know where the last time you’ve been in Tirana was, but there have been many changes like: Skanderbeg Square, New Bazaar, New Boulevard that is still under construction, Amphitheater (Summer Theater). These came to our minds first.

Ask me a question about Tirana

I have no questions. I just wanted to tell you that you are the only site that promotes Tirana best.

-Thank you! Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg. For more  Visit Tirana 

How do you rate Tirana from 1-10?

-Spicy question. We give it a 9.

 How many Italians and English speaking people live in Tirana?

-There are many Italians and English-speakers.

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