Where to get the best pizza in Tirana

No man can resist pizzas, especially when they are baked properly. We will show our top favorite places of where to get the best pizza in Tirana.

ERA Restaurant Pizzeri

Era restaurant is very known restaurant in Tirana , famous for traditional cuisine, but also for tasty pizzas. It doesn’t matter what pizza you order, it’s sure that you will get a tasty one. You can enjoy pizzas in both Era Blloku, located in Blloku area in Tirana, or Era Villa close to national stadium.

Best pizzas in Tirana

Season Restaurant & Pizzeria

If you are in the New Bazaar, you should not leave without trying pizzas in Season Restaurant. Season Restaurant by the name itself is a restaurant that is a perfect choice for every time of the year. The most popular pizza is truffle pizza, and of course ‘Season pizza’, their specialty.

Best pizzas in Tirana


If you are looking for a place that serves the richest menu of pizzas look no further, Saporita has got  all. The combination of every ingredient and their quality are another reason why locals love Saporita. Make sure to book before you go. Saporita is located near “Dinamo” Stadium.

Best pizzas in Tirana


There is a place in Tirana when you can taste the famous Pizza Napoletana, just like you can have it in Italy. All pizzas are so delicious because are baked in wooden-ovens. PizzArte is 3 minute walk from Skanderbeg square.

Best pizzas in Tirana

Proper Pizza

Proper Pizza is the most famous pizza chain in Albania. You can find them almost in every neighboorhod in Tirana, or you can order one and you don’t have to wait too much.

Best pizzas in Tirana


As the name suggests Eatalania’s, meaning eat like Italians, here you will find great pastas and pizzas. Eatalian’s is situated in Blloku area and has gained a great reputation for pizzas. This restaurant isn’t only favored by Italians living in Tirana, but also for locals.

Best pizzas in Tirana

This is our list, you can make your own too.

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