The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

There is no doubt that Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. It is also one of the favorite among  Albanians. There is a restaurant In Tirana where you can taste the exceptional foods and dishes that come from this wonderful gastronomic country. In this place you find it all in one: bar, lounge and restaurant.

The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

Più 39 Food & Clubs is the exclusive restaurant located in the center of ish- Blloku (the former Bloc )  the most active, youthful and vibrant area of the capital. In this restaurant you can taste the recipes of traditional Italian cuisine without leaving behind some specifics of the Campania region, the birthplace of the Chief, Fabrizio Iadanza.  Here, you don’t only find the good cuisine, but also a fantastic environment, tastefully furnished with modern furniture and fittings, suited to the trendy Blloku neighborhood. And no wonder the restaurant is chosen as the best Italian style restaurant in Albania in 2017.

Visit Tirana had a pleasant conversation with Italian Chief Fabrizio to learn more about him and some secrets of the Italian cuisine. He tells us that his passion for the cooking started born since he was young. After years of being the Chief in several restaurants he worked and traveled to various places in the world: Europe, USA, etc. Recently, Fabrizio left Ibiza to move to Tirana, in October 2016. In his cooking he puts  passion and creative skills to present  always  unique, tasty and aesthetic dishes. Its specialty is not just the cooking of the Campania region, but also the recipes coming from different areas of Italy.

The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

What makes this restaurant special?

The mixture of tastes and simplicity. The traditional cooking is prepared here, using modern techniques and equipment. We cook with low temperature, vacuum, cold foods, to preserve the taste of all the products, Fabrizio says. The menu is so varied that you just have to choose: variations of meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, wine and cakes.

You can visit Più 39 Food & Clubs on 24 hours a day, where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. This location it is also suitable for evenings where you can have fantastic aperitifs. If you like wine tasting, here you will find various brasseries of Italian wine and not only. All these are offered at satisfactory prices in relation to their quality. So many good things that you can findhere

The other element that adds value to this restaurant is the staff that maintains a positive and pleasant behaviour. They surely know to take care of customers with professionalism and always make a good impression.

Here are some of the dishes we recommend:

Spaghetti with tomato Piennolo of Vesuvius

A simple, typical and iconic Italian pasta dish.  The specialty of spaghetti in this restaurant arethe ingredients that have been indisputably selected, from pasta type, fresh basil to sausage which is really special, ‘piennolo’ tomatoes, a  variety grown on the slopes of Vesuvius, selected by chief Gennaro Esposito (estimated two-star French Michelin Guide)

Aubergine Parmigiana- Aubergine Parmigiana is a typical antipasto with aubergines  tomatoes, mozzarella,  basil and parmesan foam. In this restaurant it is cooked  according to the ancient recipe, but with a modern presentation.

The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

Chicken stracotto

It's a modern and very tasty dish. The best chicken parts are selected and processed by the chef of the restaurant. The pieces of meat are passed through a baking dish, passed into the oven, then the final process is a light touch in the saucepan to make it crunchy. This plate is accompanied by agro dolce sauce small onions and spices potatoes.

The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

For all of you who love sweets, here are some really unique recipes. After every good lunch or dinner, we suggest you try a 'Tiramisu in Mocha', which is a delicious and original dessert that you cannot find anywhere else.

The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana

We only brought you some some dishes, very little of what you can try and enjoy yourself from this fantastic restaurant. Don’t take only our word from this, but that of many customers who have left their impressions of the cuisine and service you will find in this restaurant.

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