Coffee for Albanians is a way of living

Do you know that Tirana is the second city in the world with the highest number of coffee bars per Capita? According to statistics 18% of businesses in Albania are coffee bars or restaurants. The national institute of Statistics confirm that there are about 473 coffee bars for 100 000 residents in Albania.  Albania is coming in second place after Spain, and followed by Cyprus. In Amsterdam there are 63 coffee bars per 100 000 residents, while in Berlin are 36, London 32 etc.

This is not only in statistics. It is obvious when you visit Tirana. Every tourist coming to Tirana for the first time is impressed by the high number of coffee bars in every corner of Tirana. You don’t know where to go, and what to choose. All of them are well designed, with good furniture, and plenty of people. But the highest number of them is concentrated at Blloku area in the heart of Tirana. It is somehow a paradox if you think that Blloku, was a forbidden area for Albanian citizens during dictatorial regime of Enver Hoxha. No one could enter, no one could see the rich life the political leadership of the regime and their families were living, while the rest of the country was in deep poverty.

The culture coffee is very traditional in Albania. You can’t start the day without a coffee. But many people drink two to five coffees per day. Most frequent clients are the young people, which are unemployed. Despite that, many other business persons are discussing their work issues in the coffee. It is somehow a sign of hospitality, or offering friendship, since the first thing we say to a person we just met is: can I offer a Coffee, or let’s meet for a coffee. It is the easiest way to start a relationship, or to start business cooperation.

Enjoy the gallery of coffee bars this spring in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

Coffee Culture in Tirana

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