Top five most photographed places in Tirana

Tirana is becoming one of the most attractive cities in Albania. There are many areas worth to get out your camera or your phone and take a photo of. Everyone is posting photo in their social media accounts. It is become like a competition who is capturing the best moment, the best view of Tirana’s attractions. To make these competitions worthy and rewarding, Visit Tirana is organizing every season social media photo contest to give everyone the possibility to share their impressions through photos. But which are the most photographed places in Tirana? We have made your job a lot easier by listing the most iconic photo opportunities in Tirana. Here is where to capture the best photos in Tirana:


5th place – Pedestrian Street

Murati Toptani Pedestrian street is one of the most unique and photographed places in Tirana. People love this place because cars are not allowed and there are some nice bars and restaurants there. During the year the Municipality organizes different events and exhibitions and in summer time people gather and watch football matches.

Top five most photographed places in Tirana

4th place: Dajti Mountain

Dajti Mountain and its surroundings. More people are traveling in Tirana surroundings, but the top destination is Mountain Dajti. Traveling with cable car is a fantastic opportunity to see Tirana from another point of view.  In autumn-winter time it is the best destination to capture the colourful leaves and some snow views.

Top five most photographed places in Tirana

3rd place: Lana River  

Lana river is a very small river passing through the city, with some trees in both sides. It is very frequented by people, so everyone has the chance to do a photo walking by. Especially in autumn it is the most photographed area.

Top five most photographed places in Tirana

2nd place: Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square. It is the centre of Tirana. The most visited places by tourists from all over the world. You have not been in Tirana, if you don’t have a photo from Skanderbeg Square. Especially the last two years, after the restoration, it has become one of the most photographed places in Tirana

Top five most photographed places in Tirana

1st place: Tirana Lake

But the number one is Tirana Lake. We have every day photos from the Lake. This means that all citizens in Tirana love this relaxing place. The trees of Tirana lake are considered the lungs of the city. People do photos in the morning, during the day and Sunset. Tirana lake is the most photographed place for the moment in Tirana, believe it or not.

Top five most photographed places in Tirana

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