Celebrate 7-8 March in Tirana

Teacher's Day is annually observed in Albany on March 7. This day celebrates the opening of the first school that taught in Albanian. The Albania Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated in the whole country, manifested only the importance of the role of teachers in nation building. During the momentous celebration, many students offer various gifts to teachers such as love cards, tokens, gifts, render songs during fitting celebrations all over the country.

While, Women's Day in Albania is celebrated as Mother's Day. 

If you want to celebrate these two special days in Tirana, here are our recommandations. 

Hotel Colosseo

At Hotel Colosseo you can book lunch or dinner. For reservation call this number: + 355 (0) 69 203 2666.  You can choose between two menus, meat or fish as below:

Meat menu: Cezar Salad, Tartar / Carpaccio Beef, Guacamole Sauce, Tagliatelle with ragu lamb and Timo, Steak and Zhu Sauce & French Potatoes

Dessert: Soufflé with ice cream,

Unlimited drinks

2 700 ALL / person

Fish Menu: Fusion salad with octopus, smoked salmon with cream cheese, Cuttlefish with rice, shrimps with beet sauce, sea bass with asparagus, f rench potatoes and bisque.

Dessert: Cheese cake with strawberries,

Unlimited drinks

3 300 ALL / person


Womans Day in Tirana Albania

Hotel Theranda

7-8 March menus:

Salad/antipasti, Main course (meat), Dessert and fruits, Soft drinks included, DJ music

Only 1500 ALL/person

For more information, please contact:

Tel: +355 69 20 51531, reservations@therandahotel.com


Womans Day in Tirana Albania

Dajti Ekspres

 7-8 March offer at Dajti Ekspres

Price 2.500 ALL / Person

Offer Includes: Free transportation by van to the cable car station, Cable Car, DJ Music, Lunch at the, Ballkon Dajti Restaurant, Gifts

Menu includes:   Greek Salad, grilled Vegetables, Traditional food “fërgesë me speca”, Lasagna, Baked lamb with potatoes, one drink.

  For reservations:  067 208 4471


Womans Day in Tirana Albania

Millennium Gourmet

Millennium Gourmet comes with a Special Menu for the 7 & 8 March Holidays!

Menu includes: Carrot veal, coco nut, curry, Pate salad, Short eats, nuts, mango, and oranges, Tacos, Snail, garlic sauce, red cabbage, steak, , Sweet potatoes, pumpkin chips,White chocolate, raspberry

Price per person 3 500 ALL

For reservations: + 355 69 400 9257


Womans Day in Tirana Albania

 +39 Food & Club Tirana

Fish Menu: Shrimp tortellini with broccoli sauce, Roasted salmon steak, yogurt sauce, cucumber and beetroot, Mimosa with pink ice cream

Meat menu: Agnalotti alla Genovese with parmesan mousse and dried onion, Chicken breast with sweet and sour pepper sauce, potato and broccoli, Mimosa with pink ice cream

Price / person 2 200 ALL, evening cocktail included.

Golden Spa

Offer Mother and Daughter: Head Massage, Anti-stress, Body Massage with Aromatic Oils, Free Minibar (Coffee, Tea, Fruit). 6 900 ALL

Teacher: eye treatment, foot massage, hand massage, free minibar (coffee, tea, fruit) .-3 000 ALL/person

For you mother: curative pedicure, anti-age, hand massage, foot massage, free minibar (coffee, tea, fruit). 2800 ALL/person

Womans Day in Tirana Albania

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