What to do in March in Tirana

Welcome Spring! The most beautiful season not only in Tirana. Spring this time started with snow and this is amazing and such a rare thing in our beloved city. Snow and flowers are a perfect combination. Due to some warm days in February, the flowers have started to bloom, but everything was covered suddenly in snow the last days of the winter. Nature is indeed the greatest artist.

what to do in March in Tirana

There are plenty things to do in March in Tirana. The sunny days are ahead. March is considered as the month of the summer day. In 14th March this month we celebrate the Summer Day. It is a unique festival for Albania. It was a festive tradition which was isolated only in Elbasan area (see the story here), but the last decade it has been spread all over the country. Now 14th March is a public holiday for all Albanians and is a day when we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is funny that we call it ‘Summer Day” and not Spring Day, since the warm days starts very soon in our country, which have 300 sunny days per year.

what to do in March in Tirana

If you plan to visit Tirana in March see here the events foreseen for Summer Day. Concerts, carnivals, puppet theatre, games, sportive activities are organized from municipality of Tirana. 14 March is a perfect day to be in Tirana and to get a feeling of Albanian festive traditions, to make new friends and know more about our culinary, our costumes etc.

what to do in March in Tirana

There are many other festivals and concerts during the March. If you want to know more, see our events here. You will find also the Theatre Shows, exhibitions and many other activities.

One of our special events is the Award Ceremony of #TiranaWinter2018 Social media contest, which will be held on the first week of March. We will announce 3 winners of the photo competition which run in Instagram and Facebook from 20 December 2017- 28 February 2018.

what to do in March in Tirana

The museums and other cultural sites are also open during the March, except the Et’hem Bey Mosque which is under construction. Contact Visit Tirana if you want a tailored tour in Tirana. We offer cultural tours around the city for half day, 24 hours, 48 hours etc. Also we will suggest you the best adventurous tours, and the trendy places to be visited.

Visit Tirana is the touristic portal of the city. We can make your visit to the city unforgettable…..

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