An angel on 11 floor- a crazy love story

A complicated love story somewhere in a noisy urban city.  This was the subject of the premiere show “An Angel in 11 floor” put on stage by the director Stefan Çapaliku at Metropoli Theater.  The story was a something  between a drama and a comedy, reflecting somehow the reality we all live. The story was simple: A woman and a man met each other in a train station. Each of them was waiting for the train in different direction. They liked each other at first sight. She is a math teacher and he a is doctor. They both were working far from their home town. This sudden meeting was ended in a love story.

An angel on 11 floor theater show in Tirana

Both were having fun with each other, but not being honest with each other. She lied to him about being married, and was torturing him always than one day the husband will find out. His wife was dead and he has a daughter, but never proposed the women he met to the train station to marry her. Both living in a secret love story that drove them crazy. Their relationship was having   ups and down. They had a funny moment when a Jehovah's Witness came to the house of the women in the 11 floor, when the couple were in nervous situation. The woman told her lover that her husband is coming up. So the man didn’t know where to hide.  The Jehovah’s witness came to the house and started to recite without stopping the  versus from Bible, and predicting that the marriage was saint and they should respect each other. The Jehovah's Witness suddenly died in their bed, so the couple was terrified.  Her husband never came. Then the woman told her lover the real truth that she wasn’t married at all, and lied to him.  At the end they both become crazy not knowing what they were asking from each other.

An angel on 11 floor theater show in Tirana

The main actors of the comedy were : Ervin Bejleri, Ilirda Bejleri, Erjon Hinaj. The message of the show was to understand that no one can have a true love if are not honest and sincere with each other. If there are lies between them, they have no future. Similar stories we find every day in the urban populated cities, where people don’t exactly know what they are asking for.   An angel on 11 floor theater show in Tirana

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