Cultural revival of Tirana

2017 has been a great year for cultural activities in Tirana. The numbers of shows were doubled, and so did the number of spectators. According to statistics, hundreds of theater shows, opera and ballet, exhibitions and plenty of events, were staged last year in Tirana, Albania.

What to do in February in Tirana

 The success of these shows is measured by the large numbers of spectators, Albanian or foreigners. People are hungry for new shows, so cultural institutions are offering much more to satisfy their needs.

According to the National Institute of Statistics “The number of cultural shows in the fourth quarter 2017 is 335, while the number of shows / exhibitions is 831. The number of spectators in 2017 was 173,594, an increase of 52.6% compared to 2016”.

What to do in February in Tirana

The National Experimental Theater is the institution that has realized the highest number of cultural performances, 132 shows / exhibitions in the fourth quarter 2017.

Also, an increase in the number of cultural shows was also performed by the National Theater of Opera, Ballet and National Ensemble in the fourth quarter of 2017. In total, 61 shows / exhibitions were recorded, marking an increase of 45.2% compared to the fourth quarter 2016.

What to do in February in Tirana

"The number of visitors to the museum in the fourth quarter 2017 is 52,805, marking an increase of 60.9% compared to the fourth quarter 2016. In the castle and other monuments, the number of visitors has an increase of 18.9%, between fourth quarter 2017 and the same quarter in 2016. Visit Tirana is happy to contribute in promoting all the cultural life and events happening in Tirana, publishing all of them days ahead in its website database. Visit Tirana is also writing articles for different theatric shows, or opera, exhibitions etc.

What to do in February in Tirana

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