What to do in January in Tirana

January, as a first month of the year, comes full of energy and life for people living in Tirana city. It is cold but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go out to enjoy the nature and the activities planned in Tirana for this month. The good thing is that in the streets are smaller crowds, so walking is a good choice to enjoy the city. The city remains decorated until the mid of January, so you can still feel some sparkles of the past Christmas period.

Photo: Lon Neli, featured on #TiranaWinter2018 photo contest

Very close to Tirana is Mount Dajti, so you can go there to find some snow. It snows rarely in the city, so if you like to play with snow balls, take the cable car, and for 30 minutes you find yourself in the place you want. Dajti has also some restaurants and good bars, so you can enjoy a wonderful weekend there.

Photo: Artemon Tamo, featured on #TiranaWinter2018 photo contest

Tirana is offering some unexplored sites to go for weekend, to enjoy nature and magnificent views. You can go by the lakes, or mountains, in the caves, and canyons. (Outside Tirana)


Tirana is a perfect place to eat, so read carefully our suggestions for best restaurants to dine in Tirana. There are many new and trendy restaurants added to the city. We can always provide tips and suggestions to find them and enjoy the food there.

At this time of the year, the calendar is rich with cultural events. Theatres, Opera, Museums, and Galleries are planning the activities for all the year. So you will find all the events happening in January in our database (see here).

Don’t forget to take some pictures of wintertime in Tirana to be part of Our Social Media Contest #TiranaWinter2018 (see here). The photo competition in Social Media will last until end of February.

Albanians have a saying: If you start well the first month of the year, the whole year will very good.

Have fun in Tirana, a restless city!

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