Top 5 restaurants in Tirana

Albanian culinary is getting a high reputation around the world for its unique flavour and delicious recipes. Many bloggers are writing articles about our traditional cuisine, praising the traditional recipes which are a mix between Albanian, Turkish, Greek and Italian culinary . The best restaurants are located in Tirana, where you can always find a good place to eat almost in every corner or street of the city. Visit Tirana is promoting the city every day and we know well what are the best things to do here, so if you are visiting Tirana these days and need some hints about the best restaurants, here are our suggestions:

If you want to dine  fine food in city centre, try Millennium Gourmet Restaurant and Umami Restaurants

Millennium Gourmet Restaurant: If you are looking for an elegant dinner and delicious cuisine, look no further than Millenium Gourmet Restaurant, located in the center of the capital.  The restaurant has nice decoration with a glass pavilion surrounded by greenery, and you feel comfortable while enjoying your amazing dinner. The fusion recipes/dishes are wonderfully prepared and presented in a very charming atmosphere. The ingredients and the combinations are sublime. The presentation is always absolutely stunning by the Chef Juli Zguro  which  has attended various culinary school and cooked in different famous restaurants  in the world. We recommend Millennium Gourmet for its magnificent setting, a delightful view of luxuries, modernity and quality.

Millennium Gourmet Restaurant

Restaurant Umami is the newest and probably one of the coolest restaurant in Tirana. The restaurant opened on the most festive day of the year, on the New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2016. The restaurant is owned by the Albanian MasterChef Renato Mekolli. The name of restaurant has a special meaning “Umami” in Japanese is used to describe a taste of sensation that is meaty or savory and is produced by several amino acids and nucleotides (as glutamate and aspartate) and the world knows it as the fifth taste. The interior of the restaurant is very modern with big windows, a transparent kitchen where you can see the chef cooking your favorite dish. The restaurant has a great atmosphere with faint lights, comfort tables and seats, everything combined with elegance. If you want to enjoy a lunch or a dinner cooked by the Chef Renato Mekolli, don’t think twice and thank us later.

Restaurant Umami

If you need a restaurant with typical Albanian food and bio products, from farm to table, located in the close distance in the city, try Mullixhiu.  Mullixhiu is a new restaurant in Tirana, and yet has become very popular. This is a "Farm to Table" small restaurant which offers unique Albanian dishes, with a very contemporary twist. Every detail in this restaurant is very interesting starting from outside the restaurant with herbs and green leaves grow which hint about freshness of the cuisine. Inside the restaurant there are three mills which grind cereal for the bread that you can take away.  Some other details from the perfectly weighted cutlery in drawers under your table, to the white plates with a hand print all to create a nice atmosphere.  

Mullixhiu Restaurant

If you want to eat with a view go to Balkoni i Dajtit, located on the top of the Dajti mountain. It is the last stop of “Dajti Ekspres” Cable Car. The restaurant offers a comfortable interior where you can dine and enjoy a wonderful view over Tirana. From there you have the city in the palm of your hand. Traditional and Mediterranean cuisine is offered here with a variety of choices. The restaurant is stylish, modern, comfortable and of course very warm and attractive for customers. If you visit Tirana, don't miss Ballkoni Dajtit!

If you need to try the best of farm food, in a rural area, go to UKA Farm. Try the best wine and the tasty food and for sure you will come back. Uka is situated in Laknas, 15 minutes far from Tirana, close to Tirana International Airport. This two acres farm includes the restaurant, vineyard and the winery where the family produces its wine. The open air restaurant is set in the middle of a farm and provides a unique opportunity to taste and enjoy the local favor.

Uka Farm

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