Alla Simacheva-‘The Russian girl in love with Tirana’

Alla comes from Russia, a country with cold climate and she’s been living in Tirana for several years. She left her country after she found her love in Albania, and started to live with her husband in this unknown country. Well, such a love story is not unusual. Many people find their love in another country. But why we spotted Alla to invite her for this interview?

The reason is that she is promoting Tirana with all her heart and passion, not only to her compatriots in Russia, but to all people she met in her life. Alla Simacheva is a passionate nature photographer and she promotes every corner of Tirana mainly through her photos in Instagram. Every photo has a story or a long descprition in Albanian and in Russian. You can find her on Instagram as tokyo_made, because she was born in Tokyo in Japan, but raised in Moscow, Russia. Alla speaks and writes perfectly the Albanian language and you can notice that on her posts on Instagram where she communicates with Albanian followers. That’s where we introduced with Alla, after she participated on #TiranaSpring photo contest organized by VisitTirana, and at the end she was awarded with the third prize. But she is  countinuing to post photos for other social media contest organized by VisitTirana. Her photos presents a very inspiring Tirana. We interviewed her to know more about the Russian girl who promotes our beloved city. 

Alla Simacheva-‘The Russian girl in love with Tirana’
Alla Simacheva

Why did you choose to live in Tirana?

Live is very beautiful and there are things happening suddenly that definitely changes our directions and our destinations. I’ve come in Tirana 12 years ago from Moscow to follow my Albanian husband.

And what was your first impression about Tirana?

At the beginning it was hard to adapt myself in a new city. However, I adjusted very fast. What  I like the most in Tirana, is the rhythm of life. Citizens here know how to combine job with life, this city is quite peaceful and beautiful. I like also the fact that people here are open and create strong bonds in friendship also in families.

Photography is passion or profession for you?

Photography is everything: it’s my lifestyle. Of course, it is a passion and profession at the same time. Most of all, I’m very happy that in Albania I developed my profession.

What projects do you have? What’s their aim for Tirana?

I work mainly outside Albania, because I collaborate with a School Photography in Moscow. Apart that I’ve created professional courses for young photographers and I try to find always time for projects for my clients in Tirana. For the next year my aim is to organize an exhibition with photos from Tirana in order to show Albanians and foreigners how beautiful is our city.

Alla Simacheva-‘The Russian girl in love with Tirana’
Photo by Alla Simacheva

Are Russian compatriots curious to visit Tirana just because you introduced it so beautifully?

For the moment, the relationship between Russia and Albania is not as strong as it was years ago. But I hope that through continuisly promotion of tourism, Russians will start to fall again in love with Albania, like it happened with my family and friends. My friends from Russia love when I post photos from Albania, because they don’t have informations in Russian language for our country (Albania) and they say nice words for what they see through my photos. 

Have you got Albanian citizenship? 

Yes, it’s been years since I have Albanian citizenship.

Are you awarded from other photo contests, expect from Visit Tirana?

Due to job engagements it is impossible to follow many different competitions, but for competitions that Visit Tirana organizes I really want to contribute and I’m very thankful to Visit Tirana for the work they are doing in promoting the city. Also, I’m glad that in very few contests that I’ve participated I’ve been awarded. (I have been awarded also from Colours of Albania).

Alla Simacheva-‘The Russian girl in love with Tirana’
Alla Simacheva

Two words for Visit Tirana…

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your work. From VisitTirana I get the latest updates for events in Tirana and new attractions in Tirana, even though it’s been years that I live here. Also, Visit Tirana have done an excellent job creating a community with people passionate about the city and they are ready to contribute for its development in tourism industry. 

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