Winners of #TiranaAutumn2018 photo contest announced

Visit Tirana announced at Theranda Hotel on December 12th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaAutumn2018. a record number of photos was posted on instagram, about 1774 photos, while the ...


The story behind National Youth Day in Albania

Albania is celebrating the Youth Day every 8 December. It is a day remembering the student’s protests in the early years of 1990 against dictatorial regime of Enver Hoxha. Students of what was ...


Prohibition Speakeasy-the most unusual bar in Tirana

A brand new unique bar is added in the list of Tirana bars, inspired by the 1920s in the United States. Prohibition, is the name of the bar located on the heart of the blloku area, which has opened ...


New Year’s Eve tradition in Albania

The dinner for New Year’s Eve is really a long tradition for Albanians. Differently from other European countries who celebrate Christmas in family, for Albanians the New Year's Eve dinner is ...


Eat and celebrate with friends in Tirana

Tirana is full of modern and traditional restaurants, which are serving delicious food with very affordable price for everyone. That is why a lunch or a dinner is the best way to celebrate a birthday, ...


Volunteer Day- Tirana donates

5th of December is International Volunteer Day. This is a day to share the values of giving and helping each other, especially people in need. It is a day to give a possibility to volunteers ...


National Days celebrated in Tirana

Tirana was covered all in Red and Black flags for the National Days, 28-29 November 2018. The main activities for the Independence Day were held in the Skanderbeg square. Many children from different ...


What to do in December in Tirana

People deserve to celebrate in the end of the year. That is why the celebrations in December are becoming bigger and bigger all over the world. In Tirana the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year started ...


Tirana when it rains

Albania has almost 300 sunny days in a year. But what to do for the rest, let’s say for 65 other days? In Tirana rainy and grim days are perfect to hide somewhere, meanwhile you may find plenty ...


Albania’s Independence Day- one house, one flag

Albania is celebrating 106th anniversary of Independence. Now it has been a tradition for Albanians to raise the National Flag in their windows or balconies. But this year the encouragement ...


The day Tirana was liberated

Tirana celebrates today the 74rd anniversary of City Liberation. It was the day when the National Liberation Forces won the war against the German invaders. Every year, the Municipality of Tirana  ...


Bike tour into nature and tradition of Farka

Farka village is a great destination for a bike tour from Tirana to the village. You can start the tour from Grand Park and continue the road towards the beautiful scenery of Tirana’s countryside. ...

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