What Albanians buy for the New Year

December is one of the months when Albanians spend money the most. Buying presents for the new year is becoming a tradition for the kids, family, and other relatives.

But what do Albanians love to buy?

Seasonal gift baskets

This festive season is all about food and wine. So, the first gifts are baskets filled with ‘panettone,’ sweets, honey, olive oil, and chocolates, and the most important is Wine or other drinks. Seasonal gift baskets can be found in all supermarkets and unique shops for these kinds of products, such as wine, olive oil, etc. Choose Albanian traditional products, and buy local ones.

What Albanians buy for the New Year

Books and Albums

Another favorite present is books. Even though the highest season for buying books is November, because of the Book Fair, the biggest in the country, people tend to buy books, albums, and cards for the New Year. That is why, in some bookstores, you can see some offers or sales for the books. The best gifts are photo Albums with photos from Albania or cards.

What Albanians buy for the New Year


Some people tend to spend more for the New Year, probably to do the best gift of the year to make their relatives. Smartphones or other electronic devices are also the best gifts for this year. There are always some sales for these products during this season.

Jewellery and clothes

A good watch or a necklace is always a favorable gift, especially among couples. People love to give such presents to their loved ones. Finding sales for this product is hard, but it is always an option. You can choose to buy even some souvenirs, not expensive gifts in this regard

Many people continue to buy some new clothes for the New Year, even though here are no sales like in the UK with Boxing Day. But there are some sales at TEG, in the leading brands, and you can profit some good quality clothes.

...But it is better to donate

But remember, this festive season is all about donating and sharing what you have with others. If you want to buy new clothes, take your oldest ones, or what you don’t want to wear anymore, and give them to people in need. It will be good not to spend in luxury, but make it possible for a poor family you know, or living close to you, to have enough food on the table. If everyone donates some money and food to the people in need, they also will feel the best festive season ever.

Help the planet

This seems like a big word and many may wonder how I help the planet. In many ways you help him. By not buying a lot of clothes, but reusing what you have, saving energy and water, not creating too much waste, recycling old things, buying local products that don't need a lot of energy to produce and transport from far away. As well as using your cars as little as possible, but moving on foot or by public transport.. This is how you keep your body in shape and contribute to clean air.


New Year’s Eve tradition in Albania

The dinner for New Year’s Eve is a long tradition for Albanians. Unlike other European countries who celebrate Christmas in family, the New Year's Eve dinner is the most important for Albanians.

New Year's Day in communism...

During the dictatorship regime, Christmas Day had no meaning since Enver Hoxha established an atheist state. According to the state archive, the last Christmas wish, dated back in 1966, is in a document that shows a telegram from the Head of the Orthodox Church of Albania wishing Christmas to the Head of Albanian Catholic Church. We didn’t celebrate any religious day for more than 40 years. The most festive day of the year was the 31st of December.  Parents would get some toys for their kids; the shops were full of foods we couldn’t find at other times of the year.

The housewives took one day off to clean the house, washing everything from curtains, blankets, and carpets. The conversations in those days were about how people progressed with cleaning, buying, and cooking. By cleaning and buying some small extras for the house, people wished and hoped that the New Year would make them happier and in better living conditions. 

It was also related to another tradition: on the first day of January, Albanians visited each other's houses, relatives, and neighbors to wish each other a Happy New Year.  In the morning, you would see your relative’s house; in the afternoon or the next day, they would visit you. It was a competitive feeling, wondering who would offer more sweets, drinks, dried and fresh fruits, and desserts. 

This festive day has to do more with the Food. The food preparation started a week before the New Year with cooking the Bakllava (the traditional dessert for New Year).

 traditional desert for New Year
Cooking the Bakllava, Source: Instagram-alta_group_albania

We recall that atmosphere of preparing for the big night; everyone was running to shops to buy all the food they could, and every family aimed to have more meals than the previous year.  People invited each other to have more relatives around the table and to wait for the New Year. Albanians have been poor, but with a big heart, so no one was alone that day. People were also optimistic and always liked to project the coming year as being more prosperous.

Traditional food

Traditional food

The times have changed a lot, but the traditional food in most Albanian homes has remained the same. The main dish has always been the baked or roasted turkey. People served it differently, but the most favorable was with “Pershesh” (baked corn cake all mashed). Other areas in Gjirokaster prefer ‘meat pie,’ or different lakrors—the people living close to the sea or lake prefer fish or seafood. But most of them put different kinds of meat on the table, baked or cooked with plenty of side dishes. The table should have salads, desserts, drinks, and fruits, even in families with few members.


Traditional food in Tirana
Traditional Food

Traditional food

The times have changed a lot, but the traditional food in most Albanian homes has remained the same. The main dish has always been the baked or roasted turkey. People served it differently, but the most favorable was with “Pershesh” (baked corn cake all mashed). Other areas in Gjirokaster prefer ‘meat pie,’ or different lakrors—the people living close to the sea or lake prefer fish or seafood. But most of them put different kinds of meat on the table, baked or cooked with plenty of side dishes. The table should have salads, desserts, drinks, and fruits, even in families with few members.

People dine and watch the special TV programs with music and humor that were prepared nationally with actors from each city of Albania. The program lasts all the night.

What has changed the most is the way Albanians celebrate today.

Now, families are cooking enough for themselves, serving the dishes they like most, such as seafood, salads, cold dishes, or new recipes. It is trendy to celebrate the New Year in different restaurants offering delicious menus. Also, many families choose to spend the Festive Season outside the country. Others are waiting for their relatives to come home from other countries.

After midnight, Albanians go out to see the spectacle of Fireworks organized by all municipalities. In Tirana, there are also concerts in the Main Square. All the bars are open after midnight and have live music, so people go and drink with each other until the next morning.


What to do in December 2023 in Tirana

Well, it is the most beautiful time of the year. The Christmas market and tree, the light decorations, and the nightlife are exploding in Tirana during this time. Every year, the Christmas Market will be in the heart of Tirana, at Skanderbeg Square, the main venue for all celebrations and events.

The Christmas tree will be lit up by the first days of December, and the whole city center and neighborhoods will be decorated.

Things to do in Tirana in  December

The bars and restaurants are serving the best food and cocktails. We Albanians love to celebrate all the festive days, so the atmosphere at Skanderbeg Square will be unforgettable. You will find everything you want in the square, including music, food, coffee, books, and souvenirs.

Where to go during the days

Well, the museums are open until the last days of December. You can enjoy the culture and history and book the tours you want. We suggest you take bike tours around Tirana Lake Park and enjoy the walks around the city.

If you want to escape the city center, the Dajti Mount is our first recommendation. Take the cable car, and for 15 minutes, you will be on the highest mountain in Tirana. There, you can enjoy plenty of things: the snow, a horse-riding experience, delicious food, playing tennis, or hiking to the paths in the National Park of Dajti. You can even stay for two days or more in the Belvedere Hotel and enjoy the snow in this area.

Things to do in Tirana in  December

Back in Tirana, we recommend a stay at Habitat Hotel and Restaurant, Marriot Tirana, and Terra Restaurant, or if you want to go to Teg (Tirana East Gate), we recommend the restaurants of Veranda and Amo Sushi for those who prefer sushi food.

In the Blloku Area, you will find Turtle Pizza for all pizza lovers. Enjoy a dessert at Reka Pasticeri in different places in Tirana.

New Year Tradition

Albanians have a special tradition in New Year, they serve the best food in their tables and like to celebrate together as a big family. If you want to know more about what Albanians eat for the New Year Eve, click here

For events, please check our database of events in Tirana.

Come and enjoy with us the most beautiful time of the Year. Albanians know how to celebrate! The fireworks spectacle in Skanderbeg Square will close this year, hoping for the best in 2024!


What to do in November 2023 in Tirana

November brings the real autumn feel in Tirana, with jackets on and takeaway hot drinks. Be in Tirana to celebrate the month of pride, the national day. November could be very nicely enjoyed by visiting on foot the main attractions, walking through the capital, and mingling with locals. There are plenty of things to do in November in Tirana to make the most of the longer nights or to warm up indoors.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Visits to museums and art galleries are a good idea to spend time and see exciting things. On weekends you can make short escapes to the outskirts of Tirana to enjoy autumn in agritourism farms in Baldushk, Shëngjergj, Surrel etc.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Historical dates

28th November is the biggest day of our nation. 28th November 1912 is the day when Albanians from all over Albania, united in Vlora, declared the Independence of Albania.

29th November is the day of the Liberation of Albania, one of the most critical moments in the history of our country. Lately, it is celebrated as White Night.

This year, we have 111 anniversary of Independence and the 79th anniversary of the Country's Liberation.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Tirana Liberation Day (17 November)

79 years have passed since the day of the liberation of the Albanian capital, Tirana. On this day, 127 martyrs sacrificed themselves who fought for an ideal where their biggest dream was the freedom of the country and the people.

 Book Fair 15-19  November 2023

During these days, publishers, writers, poets, translators, readers and people of culture meet for book discussions, presentations of new titles, but also debate tables, live stream, or in physical environments, respecting all the conditions of security.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021


The month starts with a digital conference,  AllWeb, 14th edition. The event will be held on 2 November. 

Elsa Lila concert Finalmente Elsa, will be on 1 November at Palace of Congresses.

Street Food Festival at Skanderbeg Square from 15 to 20 November

See more other events

More activities are expected to be organized by the Municipality of Tirana.

Enjoy Tirana to its fullest!


What to do in October 2023 in Tirana

Autumn is already here. If you plan to visit Tirana during October, you will see the natural beauty of Autumn. The weather is sometimes warm and sometimes rainy, but the city is lively more than ever.  

What to do in October 2023 in Tirana

Universities are starting the academic year, so many students from Albania are coming to Tirana. October is a fantastic time for outdoor activities, walks, concerts in open areas, etc. This is the most beautiful month of autumn so you can admire the riot of autumnal colors. Tirana parks change the colors from green to gold, red and yellow. To capture all these beautiful collages of colors, don’t forget to participate in the #TiranaAutumn2023 social media photo contest, which runs until 30 November. Who knows, maybe you will be the winner. 

Activities in October

The most preferred things to do in October are outdoor activities, walking in nature amid fallen leaves, while on weekends, you can do picnics or travel in villages outside Tirana such as Pellumbas, Farka, etc. 

Tirana Marathon 2023, planned for 22 October, is the leading massive sports event organized every year in Tirana, where hundreds of people, a significantly younger generation, are expected to participate. 

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The added value of Marriott in the accommodation industry in Tirana!

Tirana Marriott Hotel is part of Marriott International, offering the most powerful portfolio in the industry, represented by 31 brands and 8,500+ properties across 138 countries and territories giving people more ways to connect, experience and expand their world.

Marriott in Tirana

Being part of such a prominent ever-growing brand is an added value for hospitality and accommodation in Tirana and all travelers seeking to experience the city in style. 

Associated with Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, currently counting 200+ million members who will follow the brand to all its destinations is not only an asset for Tirana Marriott Hotel but for the destination as well. Even travelers who did not intend on visiting Albania, upon coming across of this destination features in the Marriott Bonvoy are intrigued and make their booking instantly.

Marriott International was founded in 1927 and the principles and heritage of the founders remain strong to this day, with its core always being: “Put people first”. To translate this into the words of our own esteemed founder Mr. J. Willard Marriott “by taking care of the associated, they will take care of the customers”.

Marriott in Tirana


The capacities of Marriott Tirana

Tirana Marriott Hotel in its 23 floors has a total of 155 rooms, a combination of Deluxe Rooms and Suites, including Presidential Suite with 360° panoramic views of the city.

In addition, the 3rd floor is dedicated to event and conference spaces, where our certified event planners guarantee memorable experiences.  

Tirana Marriott Hotel's signature restaurant, "TERRA" is a three-meal dining destination that celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Mediterranean flavors artfully blended with authentic Albanian cuisine, creating a warm "home away from home" experience. The food is full of exciting and vibrant flavors, and it's meant to be shared and enjoyed together with family and friends. Not to forget, TERRA RESTAURANT also offers distinctive and refreshing cocktails, making it the perfect spot to unwind and have a great time!

Marriott in Tirana


Tourist impressions

As the first Marriott in Albania, Tirana Marriott Hotel’s aim is to become a trend setter and stay true to its global mission of delivering Wonderful Hospitality. Always.  Guests coming to Marriott Tirana already have expectations for their experience; however, our dedicated passionate associates go above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction. Furthermore, being part of Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, is an invaluable asset for our guests who feel appreciated and take care for.   

One of the embedded principles that drives the company’s culture and in everything we do today is “Put people first” mentality. This culture has consistently earned Marriott International awards and recognition around the globe. Giving associates opportunities to grow and succeed is part of the company’s DNA which we abide to at Tirana Marriott Hotel.

Marriott in Tirana


Eco Friendly

 Tirana Marriott Hotel is part of the company’s Serve360 initiative which aims doing good in every direction. Locally, we understand our mission of being a leader in brining awareness and making educated decisions for the environment and sustainability. The hotel has such policies in place, highlighting our “from source to plate” initiative for Terra Restaurant and zero waste commitment.

Marriott in Tirana


For more information: 





What to do in August 2023 in Tirana

Tirana in August is equal to hot days + vacation. So this time around people decide to take a break and enjoy their summer. That doesn’t mean necessarily  to go outside of Tirana thou. In fact many decide to stay in vicinity and choose a more comfortable and cheap way to pass the heat of the summer. For example:


People could use a relaxing stroll in the evening at the "Skanderbeg" square and around other parks like the Rinia park.


The Artificial Lake Park is another destination for the long summer nights, where people can enjoy walking in nature and by the fresh breeze of the waters of the lake. Or take the small train that goes around the park,  or even open air cinemas under the stars and music festivals that they hold frequently.



Still one of the best way to get away from the heat would be the pool, Tagan Swimming Pool. And that not only because of the water but also for the amazing view and atmosphere that it offers.

Things to do in Tirana in  August


If you have a thing for hiking, then you will probably love the Canyons of Erzeni and the Eye of the Cyclops were you can swim in those crystal turquoise waters.

Things to do in Tirana in  August


During the weekends you can explore the villages of Tirana, or spend a day at the Adventure Park in Dajti, a fantastic place for children and adults. For real adventurers can plan to sleep at Dajti Tower Belvedere and do hiking, horse riding, go with the cable car and see a different view of Tirana, an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Tirana in  August


Recommended restaurants: Veranda, Amo Sushi, Ballkoni Dajti Restaurant

http://www.visit-tirana.com/eat-drink/restaurants/110/ballkoni-i-dajtit-restaurant, http://www.visit-tirana.com/eat-drink/restaurants/339/amo-sushi,







Enjoy your stay in Tirana!


Best Restaurants in Tirana 2023

Tirana is full of tourists, and besides the tourist attractions they visit, they undoubtedly want to know where to have lunch, where to cool off and where to enjoy Albanian tradition and hospitality. Here are some of the restaurants we suggest in this summer's article.


Habitat Restaurant

Habitat Restaurant, located inside Habitat Hotel. Their Italian cuisine is in a class of its own, especially when we talk about seafood dishes. Fresh taste, with a rich aroma and dishes served with finesse and elegance. The warm atmosphere of the restaurant invites everyone to an unforgettable experience. Therefore, if you are in the vicinity of "Deliorgji Complex" on Kavaja Street, make a detour to Habitat Restaurant, you will not regret it.

Habitat Restaurant


Turtles Pizza

If you're in the Block area, and you prefer pizza, we suggest Turtles Pizza. Although it has been a few months since it started as a business, it has reached a record popularity thanks to the high quality of the products and the varied menu. This place full of nostalgia will bring you memories of the past and bring you back to your happy childhood. That's because Turtles Pizza is inspired by the Ninja Turtles cartoon series. If you remember, the characters were crazy for pizza, and in the same way you will adore the pizzas cooked by Turtles Pizza.

Turtles Pizza


Pastiçeri Reka (Pastry Shop Reka)

In Bllok, after pizza you can stop for a dessert or ice cream at Pasticeri Reka, a traditional Albanian sweet shop. When you walk in, you're greeted by the aroma of fresh produce and a wide array of assorted desserts. Patisserie Reka prides itself on using quality ingredients and traditional recipes, ensuring that every bite is an explosion of flavor and nostalgia. Whether you choose to enjoy your dessert with a cup of aromatic coffee or take it to accompany your exploration of the city, Reka Pasticeri offers a sweet experience that will leave you wanting more.

Pasticeri Reka


Terra Restaurant

If you are near Mother Teresa Square, we suggest Terra Restaurant of Marriott Hotel Tirana. Regardless of the name, in this restaurant you will feel in the seventh heaven, starting from the entrance where you are welcomed not only by the meticulous staff but also by the elegant and at the same time warm atmosphere. All this, in a fantastic environment with a view of the city. The food is not even questioned for its wonderful taste, which is a mix of Mediterranean cuisine but also different cuisines that make up their unique menu. So the diversity and quality of seasonal products is a guarantee. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable culinary experience or a pleasant evening out, Terra Restaurant is the perfect choice for locals and tourists alike.

Terra Restaurant


Amo Sushi

For those who want to have lunch outside the center of Tirana, we suggest you stop at TEG. Amo Sushi Asian cuisine is the restaurant we suggest for those who prefer Asian cuisine. Their innovative menu always amazes you, especially when you can't find it reproduced anywhere else. Amo Sushi offers a variety of products that you can choose yourself and create your own dish.

Amo Sushi


Veranda Bar Restaurant and Pizzeria

For those who don't want sushi but classic Italian cuisine, we at TEG suggest "Veranda Bar Restaurant and Pizzeria". New and ingenious ideas, family environment and delicious dishes served. You can also enjoy the beautiful view from the Veranda balcony and enjoy fantastic dishes from salads, pastries, pizzas, etc.

Veranda Bar Restaurant and Pizzeria


Ballkoni i Dajtit Restaurant (Balcony of Dajt Restaurant)

If you want to escape from Tirana, Dajti is your salvation. And despite exploring nature, there is no better place to relax than Dajti Restaurant's Balcony. With a view of the city, with your favorite person, in the freshness of the mountain, enjoy Mediterranean and traditional cuisine of the highest quality. Even the way to get there is fun, like going by car or with the famous "Dajti Ekspres" cable car. A place that has it all.

Ballkoni i Dajtit Restaurant


Beat the heat in Tagani Swimming pool

The days that come and get longer accompanied by the wave of unbearable summer heat make the need to cool off necessary and we cannot give you a more valuable solution than one of the best pools in Tirana, Tagani pool.

The complex is located in the village of Tagan, Petrelë, just 12 km southeast of the capital, on the national road Tirana-Elbasan. In this complex you can find relaxation, sports and entertainment where every person can choose a physical activity for the well-being of his body and mind. You can choose to exercise individually or join a group led by instructors and trainers. All related to water.

Things to do in Tirana in July

Equipped with a semi-Olympic pool 25 meters long and 18 meters wide, the depth in the first half of the surface is 2 meters on the north side and 1.45 meters in the second half of the surface. The small pool is 12 meters long and 8 meters wide where the depth is 90 cm.

Water filtration is done according to certified standards for Public Swimming Pools and the Sanitary and Hygiene Authority. In every corner of the complex you will see many information boards and posters, for the use of every part of the environment. This complex represents a model of the highest standards that swimming pools have to offer in our country. Safety measures for customers are the first duty of all staff. The pool has hired on the basis of the "Lifeguard - Pool Guard" law, for the prevention of accidents.

In addition to all these standards, the complex has an excellent kitchen, with fresh products from the area. Tagani Pool is a fantastic place for all people who want a safe place and decent service. It is open to those who want to learn to swim, as well as a favorite place for summer courses for children.

Family fun for all, the best way to spend a summer day is right at the Tagani Complex. Safety, fun and hygiene, spend the hot summer relaxing in the Tagani Pool.


What to do in Tirana in July 2023

July, the hottest month of the year, leaves Tirana quite empty, even though the afternoons are lively. But people are looking for an escape from this heat, and we have the right alternatives for you on how to beat the heat of July. 

Things to do in Tirana in July

Tirana is the best city for all, having the sea and the mountain only 30 minutes away.  You can choose to go to the beach, in the Durres area, or if you want to stay in Tirana, you can explore the villages of Tirana or visit Mount Dajtin and its endless fresh spaces in the National Park. We suggest you take a look at "Ballkoni i Dajtit Restaurant" or the Adventure Park in Dajt, a fantastic place for children and adults. If you want to stay there for a night or two you can go to Dajti Tower Belvedere for accommodation. The next day you can go hiking, horse riding, play golf for an unforgettable experience.

If you want to go to the swimming pools in the city, from the endless solutions, we recommend Tagan Swimming Pools for the clean water, safety, and greenery around to guarantee a relaxing and pleasant vacation. 

Things to do in Tirana in July

If you love hiking, you will probably love the Canyons of Erzeni and the Eye of the Cyclops to swim in the turquoise waters.

Things to do in Tirana in July

If you have a desire for a more lively activity and at the same time in the afternoon you can take a tour of the city of Tirana with one of our specialized guides. Tours can be of different types, so if you want, look at our website.

But it doesn't end here! We have many events waiting for us, starting with:

July 4

On the 4th of July, America's Independence Day, the Parks and Recreation Agency organizes in the Amphitheater of the Great Lake Park of Tirana a concert with the instrumentalists of the City Band as well as some of the best artists for more information.

Travel Fest - International Film Week in Tirana

In the next edition, from July 3-7, 2023, Travel Fest Albania will expand even further by presenting a photography competition. The event's main theme will be "Dedicated to the Earth". For more information.


July is the celebration of many cultural events called international cultural week.

Different places will bring to Albania activities for everyone, where you will experience different days and places in Tirana, their cuisine, music, traditions, movies, concerts, etc. This month, you will see Spain from 1-7, Montenegro from 10-14, and Azerbaijan from 17-22 July. See the whole program here.

July 20

And as the expected event, Ricky Martin, for the first time in Tirana, comes to the Week of Spanish Culture. The Latin music icon will come to Albania sooner than you could imagine. On July 20, Ricky Martin will perform in Skanderbeg Square. As part of his "RICKY MARTIN SYMPHONIC" tour, the world music star has decided to make a small stop in Albania as well. He will perform in Skënderbej Square and accompany the National Orchestra of Tirana and his band to bring the best of his music.


For more events, check our page.

Recommended restaurants: Veranda, Amo Sushi, Balkoni Dajti Restaurant, Turtles Pizza, Pasitçeri Reka









Enjoy your stay in Tirana!


Kazerma e Cerenit

A special stream, the latest innovation, Ceren's Barracks was a place that left me speechless. The originality and preservation of the old brought to the clientele was something I as a visitor had not seen before.

As you entered, the first thing you noticed was the staff, dressed in military uniforms, who very welcomingly escorted you to the entrance of the barracks.
At the entrance on the left were the dormitories and on the right was the information point and the souvenir shop where also original products of the barracks, various liquids, other drinks etc. were sold.
The dormitories, the ten rooms, were also adapted to the environment and unusual. Kept in a military style but neat they made you feel like you were part of a movie or video game.
While all the products they served were natural, made there by the staff of the barracks themselves, there were small workshops for noodles, vegetable and fruit greenhouses, etc.
A special area was created for the events, also preserved according to the style of the barracks, covered with glass and lights, with different plants to attract you at first sight.
The part of the restaurant was also special, the staff did not lack clothing according to different military ranks, where the person with the highest rank was distinguished from the lowest by the clothing and decorations. The food was also enjoyed with the sounds of light music played in the restaurant premises on a small piano.
At the exit of the main area of the barracks, the second part of the tourist experience was the museum located in one of the fifteen tunnels once used for the army. The crossing from one side of the road to the other was arranged with a temporary bridge, a tube that added to the spirit of adventure when you crossed it. The museum presented only the items, military clothing found in the tunnel, military reserves, psychological books for the army, etc., designed in a perfect and terribly interesting and unique way, but among these items there were three televisions with playstation where you could play modern war games.
In anticipation of the continuous investments and ideas that have been thrown for this area, for example the use of tunnels as playgrounds, paintball, etc., my expectations increased and my curiosity makes me visit for the second time to see the development of this special place. where the work until now leaves great impressions.
I would recommend this place to anyone, after all if you are not into adventure and history, Ceren Barracks will make you so.




Educating young people with the cultural heritage of Tirana

DMO Albania brings the new interactive project with today's youth, high school students who are curious and full of knowledge are exposed to interesting and relatively unknown facts about our country. High schools such as: Ismail Qemali, Eqerem Cabej, Besnik Sykja, Sami Frasheri and Qemal Stafa were part of this project on the material and spiritual cultural heritage of Tirana and its surroundings, where the Academy of Albanological Studies supported by the Municipality of Tirana, activated the lecturers and experts of its best in the field of archaeology, architecture and spiritual heritage to carry out this educational program. The students were very active and remained satisfied with this project, taking with them the additional information they learned from the lecturers: Dr. Nevila Molla, Dr. Sabina Veseli, Dr. Melsi Labi, Dr. Ervin Kujtila, Dr. Edlira Andoni, experiences and a new perspective for the beautiful history of our country. This perspective was reinforced by the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Tirana, where the students were amazed by the various artefacts specially collected by the Archaeological Museum, well-maintained and carefully preserved. On the last day of the project, the children of the "Qemal Stafa" school had the pleasure of visiting the Illyrian cultural sites of Persqop, where Prof.Assoc.Dr.Altin Skënderaj explained to the students the importance of this object and its history. There was great interest from young people in every aspect of our project and we were happy to welcome the spirit of energetic and intelligent adolescents who are the future of our country.

Tirana Photo Festival 2023