What to do in April in Tirana

The April starts with festive days in Tirana. It is the most flourishing month in every sense. The Easter weekend falls from 30 March to 2 April. Albanian Christian community is celebrating this day ...


Nowruz Day-How is celebrated in Albania

Nowruz is a Public Holiday in Albania, and is much celebrated, especially by Bektashi believers.  Nowruz (literally "new day") is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New ...


Happiness Day in Tirana

Today is the International Day of Happiness. It is a day when all we have to put a smile on our face, to remember the things that make us happy are. This day coincides with the spring equinox, when ...


Top 6 restaurants in Tirana

Albanian culinary is getting a high reputation around the world for its unique flavour and delicious recipes. Many bloggers are writing articles about our traditional cuisine, praising the traditional ...


Winners of #TiranaWinter2019 photo contest announced

Visit Tirana announced at Reja on March 13th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaWinter2019. A record number of photos was posted on Instagram, more than 1800 photos, while the event was attended by ...


Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania

14 March is a unique festive day in Albania, not known or celebrated elsewhere. Locals call it Summer Day, even though it is celebrated in the first days of spring. Summer day was the ...


Celebrate 7-8 March in Tirana

Celebrate 7-8 March in Tirana

Teacher's Day is annually observed in Albania on March 7. This day celebrates the opening of the first Albanian school in the country. The Albania ...


Corriere Della Sera- Discovering the new Albania

The well-known Italian media Corriere della Sera, in the travel section has published a promotional article of a 6-day tour in Albania.

A Venetian castle, surprising archaeological heritage, ...


The history of the Toptani family

Tirana has always been linked with the famous Toptani family, once the biggest landowner of what is today the center of the capital. How did the family come to be the ‘owners’ of Tirana ...


What to do in March in Tirana-tips by Visit Tirana

Spring has sprung in Tirana! We invite you to enjoy the blossom of this lovely month in the liveliest capital Tirana. Come and celebrate with Albanians the arrival of Spring on March 14, admire the ...


Photos of the week from Tirana

From Skanderbeg Square to Artificial Lake, Dajti Mountain and other surrounding areas of Tirana we have selected the best photos of this week, many of them are part of our photo contest #TiranaWinter2019. ...


Tirana among 19 emerging European destinations to visit in 2019

Tirana is once again hitting the list of destination that you should visit in 2019. This time Emerging Europe adds Tirana on the 4th place among 19 off-the-beaten-track destinations across ...

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