Tirana Photo Festival 2018 is coming soon…

Tirana Photo Festival is an annual photo festival organized by DMO Albania (Destination Management Organisation) which will be held in the last week of September 2018 in Tirana. The aim of this Festival is to put in the focus the art of photography through photo competition, exhibitions, seminars, photo tours and more. The festival cooperates with galleries, museums and cultural institutions to have exhibitions in their premises or in public spaces in order to make visible some of the best photos of the year from the City of Tirana

#Tiranaspring2018 -Social Media Contest

DMO ALBANIA is a non-profit organisation which also manage Visit Tirana, the tourism portal of the city. Through Visit Tirana, we have organized every season a photo contest in social media with the certain hashtag: #TiranaSpring; #TiranaSummer; #TiranaAutumn and #TiranaWinter. In the end of each competition we gave prizes for 10 winners. The first contest was opened with #TiranaAutumn2016. The feedback and impact was fantastic. We have a community of photographers now which are amateurs or professionals, who post regularly their photos in our contests. The participation is bigger and bigger, so we decided to celebrate all this work with an Annual Festival, to promote and talk about photography. The event will last 3 days in the city of Tirana. In this three days we will have many exhibitions with different thematic such as : Tirana People and Street Art; Tirana Nature; Tirana culture etc. Seminars to talk to the youth about the art of Photography will also be part of the Festival. A photo tour, gathering all photographers to make photos and to discuss about them is put on the agenda. The festival invites all the artists and amateurs who participated in our Social media contest to be part of this big event. Some good prizes will be announced for the best photographers and best contributors of our competitions through all the Year. A program will be announced soon. Stay tuned and spread the word about #TiranaPhotoFestival 2018.