What to do in April in Tirana

Tirana is enjoying spring days with enthusiasm. In fact it seems the most optimistic time, since you can see people sitting in the open bars, restaurants, traveling outside Tirana, dressing in spring colors. The weather is mostly sunny, rarely rains, but always warm. Easter Sunday is the most festive day this month, is in 16 March. While the artistic life of the city is quiet rich. There are many cultural events, theatric shows and fairs running in the city, an you can find a list of them at our events in Tirana section.  We are listing here some recommendations about what to do in April in Tirana

For people who are visiting Tirana this month, we suggest you to see the new attraction added to the city “The New Bazzar”. It had the same name, but was totally an old market, which now completely restored hosting some colored buildings in unique shapes with some recreation and pedestrian areas here and there. You can have a coffee in open bars there, or eat a lunch in one of the very good traditional restaurants around. One might buy gifts from artisans in the area, or shop for meat, seafood fresh veggies, and fruits both fresh and dry. Quite often Tirana Municipality organizes here cultural activities.  

Next thing we suggest you to do in Tirana, is to visit Tirana’s outskirts. You can chose one of the organized tours in some hidden gems that even Albanians didn’t know about. There are new nature destinations added to the city in the rural area, such as Bovilla lake, Brar village, Pellumbas Cave, Krrabe Village, Cyclops eye, Erzeni Canyons, Farka Lake, etc. You can book your tour through Club Discover Albania, and enjoy one of their 12 tours in rural Tirana. It will be an amazing experience. You can decide to be part of the group of “admirers of the nature” in easy walking tour, or doing some more difficult tours like:  hiking and extreme sports.

As usually you can always enjoy a lunch or dinner in the heart of the city. We recommend you this time, Xheko Imperial restaurant, which have a magnificent terrace where you can taste traditional and Mediterranean food. The restaurant is one of the best in the city.

Tirana can be enjoyed at its best if you are mingling with locals in numerous bars you can find in every step you make in the city. You might have heard probably that Albania is the second country in the world after Spain for number of bars in a thousand inhabitants. Therefore drinking coffee or a beer is just and attitude of the city and you can’t just skip it. If you are here for the first time, you can visit some of the attractions.

Another useful tip: if you find the political situation tense, don’t take it seriously, it is a usual business, Sometimes they argue high tones and then they dine together, it is a push and pull game before the elections. So, don’t get upset and enjoy your time here.  Referring to World Economic Forum statistics, Albania is the safest country in the region. We do love tourists and despite our problems, you will feel welcomed. April is one the best months to visit Tirana.

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