Things to do in Tirana in March!

The month of March as spring buzzer is expected always with joy in Tirana. With the daylight saving time people have more opportunities to go out and do recreational activities. The blossom of flowers and trees makes Tirana very beautiful. Spring season is one that has the highest number of visitors in Tirana and that’s why we would recommend what to do in Tirana during March and what are the events where you can attend.

Grand Park in Tirana is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old. It is the biggest green area reachable by foot, and a perfect place to get away from the busy city. Tirana citizens come here often in the early evening and typically on Sundays, to walk or jog, take a coffee or walk and chat with a friend. It has become very popular so that the traditional stroll along the main boulevard seems to have shifted. Visitors can rent a bike or buggy and ride alongside the lake. There are also some very good restaurants, with traditional Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine. The Grand Park has something for everyone.

Tirana Lake

Zoo Park

It is located in Tirana's Green Park, next to the botanical gardens. Together with Grand Park and the Lake these comprise the green crown of the city. On average, three hundred people visit the zoo every week. The park was closed for some time for restoration work and has recently been reopened. The zoo hosts only a few animals, but nevertheless it’s still worth visiting and children can enjoy a ride on a pedal car. It’s busier at the weekend, when most of the visitors are children. Nevertheless, a project for revitalizing the zoo has been drawn up in the Municipality and is expected to see the light soon.

Zoo Park Tirana

Kavaja Street

Stroll around Kavaja Street and be in a complete awe by the blossom of pinky flowers of plumbs. During afternoons this is very popular street, because it’s full of shops, bars, restaurants pastries and including some state institutions. The blossom of the trees and the colorful building on two sides of the street make this area as a hot spot to visit during March. 

Kavaja Street Tirana

Rinia Park (Youth Park)

A pleasant family park where Tirana residents take their children and relax in the evenings or at weekends. Youth Park, or Taiwan is today a popular meeting place for people since the Taiwan complex has nice cafés and very good restaurants. The installation “I LOVE TIRANA” placed on February 14th at Rinia Park is also a spot where you can take pictures with the background the Rinia Park.

Grand Park Tirana

Events in March

March in Tirana is full of activities from shows in theatres, movies in the cinemas and of course festive days such as Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day and Summer Day. The greatest celebrations are for the Summer Day, where Municipality of Tirana organizes a lot of activities around Tirana’s Squares and the big concert where famous singers will perform. Decorations along the boulevards of Tirana make the city prettier and adorable.

To check all the events on March in Tirana click here

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