What to do in Kashar

  • What to do in Kashar , Kashari Lake Tirana, lakes of tirana
  • What to do in Kashar , Kashari Lake Tirana, lakes of tirana

Not far from city center of Tirana lies the suburb area of Kashar. It is situated on both sides of the Tirana-Durres’s highway and it can be easily reach by public transportation or by bike. This area is rich in artificial lakes (Purezi Lake, Kashari Lake, Gjokaj Lake, Mezezi Lake) and the hilly relief creates an attractive panorama. The picturesque and recreational territory creates the conditions for different activities outdoors, such as camping, free walking in nature, travelling in mountain bikes, bike races etc.

According to the archaeological discoveries, Kashar has been populated since the first century. Kashar became popular in XV century with the battle which was led in this area by Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg. Recently, Kashar has become "A protected archaeological area" due to the fact that four rare objects were found in Kus of Kashar region.

Some of the main attractions are: The ruins of the medieval church found on the hill of “Qafe Pishe”, the ruins of a 300-year-old mosque found on top of another hill, ancient cemetery found in the field of Zalta and the enchanting lakes of Kashar.

Buses to Kashar depart from city center behind the Opera House building.


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