Tirana Bike Tours

Albanians are falling in love with bikes again. During communist time, bicycle was the most common mean of transport in big cities, such as Tirana, Shkodra, because the cars were a rare thing. After communism everybody who dreamed a car, rushed to buy one.

For two decades the roads were in bad conditions, very tight and full of cars, so it was impossible to bike. But it is slowly changing now. Roads are improving and extra lines for bicycles are added to the road. Some new organizations such as Eco Bicycle Tirana have arranged several biking days in Tirana, and are promoting this ecologic way of moving around the city. They are calling for car-free day and full-bicycle life.

There are bike tours organized around the 5 lakes of Tirana, bike tours to Dajti Mountain, Petrela castle etc.

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