Più 39 Food & Club Tirana

The best Italian cuisine in Albania is only +39 Food & Club, the exclusive restaurant that allows to enjoy the best dishes of the Italian culinary tradition: haute cuisine and exceptional wines will donate to its guests unforgettable flavours.

+39 Food & Club represents a unique opportunity for those who want to discover the charm of a worldwide famous cuisine and enjoy the art of highly trained chefs who know how to combine skilfully the typical Italian ingredients.

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Address:  Brigada VIII Street,  Nr.6 Tirana, Albania 10001

Website: http://www.piu39.club/

E-mail: reservations@piu39.club

Facebook:  Più 39 Food & Club Tirana

Instagram:  Più 39 Food & Club Tirana

Tel: 069 330 8496 / 069 937 3744