Nano Resort Bio in Tirana

Nano Resort is extended in 60,000 meters square composed of green forests, sown varieties, from olives to all fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers. There are 4 large Greenhouses in the resort where they cultivate varieties of products for domestic consumption in the restaurant. The prior philosophy of this activity is the opportunity to come closer to the nature and its authenticity through the bio-controlled foods and products through a large green space where everyone is offered the chance to feel relaxed and at home. The own nature of the activity, the freshness and the organic compound of the food resembles to the countryside, but in order to maintain sophisticated standards they work hard to keep the proper levels of service and culinary as well.

In Nano Resort they cultivate various livestock such as alpine goats, sheep, cows, rabbits, wild poultry available for the Bio-based and Organic Food Restaurant together with all other home made products including honey. The culinary genre is neo-traditional; the basis is traditional with some touch of the new elements of the cuisine. In Nano Resort, children have their own gaming angle and plenty of space to enjoy their freedom of games. 

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Daias village, Tirana