Mon Cheri

“Mon Cheri, made to taste” The “Mon Cheri” itself transmits positivity, love, harmony and these values this coffee shop wants to promote to her clients. Everyone will find a friendly atmosphere that makes their clients and of course their employees feel at home. The décor of this coffee shop it is very modern and mixed a little bit with old things, inspired by French cafes.

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Opening hours: 

6.00AM- 22.00PM


Mon Chéri Bar - Rruga Jan Kukuzeli

Mon Cheri Coffee Shop - Rruga Sami Frashëri

Mon Chéri Coffee Shop-  Rruga "Abdyl Frashëri", Pallati 16

Mon Chéri Coffee Shop - Coffee Shop Rruga "Kavajës", Pallati Nr. 3