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New Year in Tirana, how Albanians celebrated

It becomes a tradition now, that the New Year Eve is the most festive day of the year for Albanians. The housewifes cook the best recipes, people dine together with their families or friends, exchange gifts with each other etc. After midnight they go out to the main squares to see the Spectacle of Fireworks. They did the same this year too. The atmosphere especially in the Skanderbeg Square was fantastic. The dinner for New Year’s Eve is really a long tradition for Albanians. If you want to know something more about that, read our article.

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Winners of #TiranaAutumn2017 photo contest

Visit Tirana announced on December 15th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaAutumn2017. The event organized by Manderina Promotions agency, which owns Visit Tirana tourism portal as well. In a nice and warm atmosphere at Theranda Hotel three winners from the competition were announced. In addition seven certificates of Contribution were given to other seven photos that made it to top 10. Meanwhile Visit Tirana launched the next photo contest, #TiranaWinter2018, wchich will last until end of February.

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Mountains Day celebrated in Dajti Mountain in Tirana
World Mountain Day was celebrated in a festive festival this Sunday at Dajti Mountain, Tirana. Citizens from all over the country took part in the activities organized by Tirana Municipality in Dajti Mount which was covered for the first time with snow. You couldn’t miss the smile of the old ladies which they were dressed with traditional costumes. They happily said “It is an honor to be here today and to present our handmade work. We want to pass our cultural heritage to young generations.”

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The story behind National Youth Day in Albania
Albania is celebrating the Youth Day every 8 December. It is a day remembering the student’s protests in the early years of 1990 against dictatorial regime of Enver Hoxha. Students from University of Tirana, marched through city streets, demanding reformation of the political system. The march started on 8 December 1990, forcing the predecessor of Hoxha, Mr Ramiz Alia to meet with the students in order to quiet the unrest. He agreed to take further steps to democratize Albania.

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Discover the top 5 restaurants in Tirana
Albanian culinary is getting a high reputation around the world for its unique flavour and delicious recipes. Many bloggers are writing articles about our traditional cuisine, praising the traditional recipes which are a mix between Albanian, Turkish, Greek and Italian culinary . The best restaurants are located in Tirana, where you can always find a good place to eat almost in every corner or street of the city. Visit Tirana is promoting the city every day and we know well what are the best things to do here, so if you are visiting Tirana these days and need some hints about the best restaurants, here are our suggestions:

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Twelfth Night of Shakespeare ‘returns’ to Illyria
‘What country is this?' - asks Viola in William Shakespeare's play “Twelfth Night”. 'This is Illyria, lady,' replies her shipwrecked captain after their ship was sunken in the sea waters. This is how starts the famous comedy of William Shakespeare ‘Twelfth Night’ which is returned these days to ‘Illyria’, now Albania, at Metropoli Theater in Tirana. The play is staged by the American director Justin Anderson and artistic director Jonida Beqo. This time it was not just the comedy we all know. Instead, you all will enjoy a fantastic spectacle, bringing light to the authentic elements of antic Illyria such as music and costumes.

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The Economist:Tirana, once Europe’s dreariest cities, is now worth a visit
The transformation of the last years of Tirana, has tampered world prestigious media to write and recommend a visit in Albanian capital. Recently the most reputable international newspaper “The Economist” has published an article promoting Tirana and the work of its Mayor. “No city in Europe has changed as much in the past 25 years as Tirana. Now Mr Veliaj, who is tipped by some to be a future leader of the country, is changing it again.” writes The Economist in its article about Tirana.

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Here are our 10 most popular stories of 2017
Visit Tirana tourism portal was launched a year ago and the number of visitors has increased from day to day. Our website is providing news and articles for Tirana in three languages and is becoming a source of information for all travellers coming to Tirana, Albania. Our team of professional journalists wrote many interesting stories, news about everything new happening in Tirana to help tourists with information and guides. We are happy with what we have done for one year to promote our beautiful city, Tirana.

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What happened in December
  • The adventures of Don Quixote at Metropol Theater
  • Christmas adults at National Experimental Theater Kujtim Spahivogli
  • The Lady with the Camellias at the National Theater
  • Electronic Beats Urban Culture Festival
  • Enduro Dual Track, Republic Cup 2017
  • Dajti N’Fest 2017 in Tirana
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Events planned for January

  • CrossCountry Individual Mountain Bike Marathon

  • ‘Boeing Boeing’ comedy at Experimental Theater

  • ‘The king is dead, long live the king’ theater show in Tirana

  • I am Albanian, the exhibition at the National Museum

  • Onufri prize, 23rd International Art Exhibition

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