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The Year of Skenderbeg, a tour on his traces

2018 is declared as the Year of Skanderbeg, the national Hero of Albanians. A calendar full with cultural and historic activities is planned during all this year, for the 550th anniversary of death of the National Hero of Albanians, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. If you are in Tirana this year, would be great if you become part of these activities. Albania has many castles and most of them are built during the area of Skanderbeg in 14th and 15th centuries. If you need a tour to some traces of Skanderbeg, we offer for you a special one, just for this Year, as a Year of Skanderbeg. The tailored tour include two cities: Tirana and Kruja

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Events on 550th death anniversary of Skanderbeg

On 17th of January, on occasion of 550th death anniversary of Albanian Hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu, many events were organized in Albania. On this day, in Tirana there were opened 3 exchibitions. The first one was at National Historical Museum titled “Moti i madh”, presenting facts, documents, gravures, portraits showing the life and fights of Skenderbeu against ottoman empire.Another exhibition opened at Palace of Congresses, shows some artefacts and interesting pieces from the history of Skanderbeg.The third activity is held at the National Bank of Albania, where this institution released a commemorative series of coins of that time.

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Take the train to Tirana! Old Station is back
Well, here is the good news. Tirana is having back its historical train station close to the city center. The train station, situated at the end of Zogu I Pare Boulevard will be open again, but only for people. The cargo train station for good and will continue to be located in Kashar, about 15 km far from Tirana. With the last changes and development, the station was moved outside Tirana, making it the only Capital in Europe without train station. The train station in Tirana was closed in 2013, due to some constructions work for the New Boulevard.

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More than 5 mln tourists visited Albania in 2017
A record number of foreign visitors came to Albania last year. The latest stats from the National Institute of Statistics show that 5.1 million foreign visitors visited our country in 2017. This is about 8.1 % more tourists than the previous year (2016). Half of them were for leisure, while others for business or family visits. This number is about double comparing to the number of tourists during the previous year. The most preferred places were along Albanian Riviera with beautiful beaches due to wide coverage in international media.

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Albanian gangsta grandma who climbs the mountains with her grandson
It is a pleasure when you meet people who love adventure in nature. One of them we’re lucky to meet is the 58-years old Ladi Sulo, as we like to call “the grandma mountain climber”. She reminds us of the character of David Walliams book “Gangsta gradnma” having a close relation to her grandson, very similar to Ladi and her grandson. Even though she became a grandmother very early, this couldn’t stop her climbing mountains with her grandson.

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Albania ranked as the first choice destination by Italians
The Italian TV travel program called “Kilimanjaro,” has revealed the the most popular destinations for the last year. And guess which country was in the first place? Albania! The classification was made by STAMPA newspaper in Italia, considering the number of booking made by Italian visitors to other destinations outside their country.The statistics show that more than 80% of bookings from Italians last year were made in Albania.

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What happened in January
  • CrossCountry Individual Mountain Bike Marathon
  • ‘Boeing Boeing’ comedy at Experimental Theater
  • ‘The king is dead, long live the king’ theater show in Tirana
  • I am Albanian, the exhibition at the National Museum
  • Onufri prize, 23rd International Art Exhibition
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Events planned for February
  • 'Carmen' at the Palace of Congresses

  • ‘The Maids’ at the National Experimental Theater Kujtim Spahivogli

  • ‘Through the eyes of a clown’ circus show

  • The adventures of Don Quixote at Metropol Theater

  • ‘The king is dead, long live the king’ theater show at National Theater

  • "Medea" theater show at Experimental Theater

  • ‘Silent noises’ exhibition at DitArt

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