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Tirana donates! Charity Concert for victims of domestic violence

We are different, but equal human beings. This was the message of a charity concert to support the victims of domestic violence and trafficking held on 31th of January at Cultural Center of Orthodox Church in Tirana. The most prominent and popular singers of Albania performed in this concert, such as: Aurela Gace, Juliana Pasha, Eneda Tarifa, Elton Deda, Kejsi Tola and Olta Boka.The concert was organized by the nonprofit organization Different but Equal, and sponsored by some businesses in Tirana, among them Manderina Promotions and Visit Tirana, who supported this cause and promoted the event online.

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Cultural revival of Tirana, the number of shows and spectators doubled

According to INSTAT, the 2017 has been a great year for cultural activities in Tirana. The numbers of shows were doubled, and so did the number of spectators. Some hundreds of theater shows, opera and ballet, exhibitions and plenty of events, were staged last year in Tirana, Albania. The success of these shows is measured by the large numbers of spectators, Albanian or foreigners. The number of spectators in 2017 increased with 52.6% compared to 2016. Visit Tirana is happy to contribute in promoting all the cultural life and events happening in Tirana, writing articles for different theatric shows, or opera, exhibitions etc

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Tirana celebrates 98 years as capital of Albania
On 11th February 1920 Tirana became the Capital of Albania by a decision of the Congress of Lushnja. If fact the decision was to select a temporary Capital, since the real capital that time was Durresi. But Durres city was occupied by Italians, so the government couldn’t stay there. The unanimous decision was taken for Tirana to be the Capital of Albania, especially for its position in the center of the country. In fact Tirana had always been in the perfect strategic position, a city where the biggest roads were crossing since the ancient time.

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The story of Radio Tirana- the first radio station
The beginnings of Radio Tirana dates back to 1938, 90 years ago. The first Albanian radio station was launched by King Zog I and Queen Geraldine in a ceremony at Municipality of Tirana hall of that time. The first broadcast consisted of choral singing, where Jorgji Truja and Marije Kraja sang an introductory piece, followed by the unique timbre of Kaliopi Nushi's voice who pronounced the following phrase: "Ju flet Tirana" (English: This is Tirana speaking ). This moment officially marked the first broadcast of Radio Tirana.

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Valentine’s Day atmosphere in Tirana, how Albanians celebrated
How is celebrated Valentine’s Day in Tirana? Well the rainy weather prevented the joyful atmosphere in the streets of Tirana as happened in previous years. But the city was decorated with hearts and flowers. The Clock Tower has attracted a lot of attention these last days, because of decorations with ‘hearts’ hanging from the balcony. Couples couldn’t leave without taking pictures of the clock tower and they ask people around to take them a picture as a couple. The restaurants and bars were full with people celebrating their love.

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27 years from the fall of communist regime in Albania
20th of February 1991 is the date when the giant statue of the dictator Enver Hoxha was thrown by protesters in the heart of Skanderbeg Square in Tirana. This moment was considered 'the day when the last communist regime in Europe collapsed'. The giant Statue of Enver Hoxha, was the most hated symbol of 40 years of repression in Albania. In fact the protests of students to overthrow the regime started earlier with similar actions. It is said that removing the communist statues started in Shkodra, where the statue of Stalin was pulled down.

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Meet two sides of Communism in Albania

If we do not deal with the past, we cannot shape the future. This was the message that was given to the students of the University of History and Philology in Tirana. The "House of Leaves" Museum in Tirana, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy in Tirana held a meeting-discussion with several students of the University of History and Philology. Attending the event were the Swiss Ambassador, Mr. Christoph Graf, university professors etc.

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Et’Hem Bey mosque is closed for restoration

The famous landmark in Tirana Et’hem Bey mosque is closed for restoration due its condition and it will remain closed for 2 years. The Mosque will undergo restoration, as part of the agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Albanian Muslim Community. The old mosque is declared a cultural monument of the first category in Albania in 1967 and today is still one of the most famous attractions in Tirana.

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What happened in February
  • Opera 'Carmen' at the Palace of Congresses
  • ‘Silent noises’ exhibition at DitArt
  • Medea at Experimental Theater
  • ‘Shirley Valentine’ at National Theater
  • ‘Through the eyes of a clown’ circus show
  • The 97th anniversary of the proclamation of Tirana, as capital of Albania
  • Heritage in ruins of the abandoned medieval village of Tragjasi
  • Tirana loves - February 14th
  • 'An Angel on the 11th Floor' at Metropol Theater
  • 'Vienna salutes Tirana'
  • OPERA SOUL at the National Historical Museum
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Events planned for March

  • 'Sam found a shoe' at the Puppet Theater

  • International Fair Tourism Tirana 2018

  • 'Bridges of Musical Tradition' at Orthodox Cathedral

  • 'Street Party' 2018 in Summer Day

  • Summer Day 2018

  • Food & Drink Festival 2018 Albania

  • The 5th edition of HoReCa Fair 2018

  • A rose for every smile

  • 'Space of a Dream' - Concert by Alban Skenderaj

  • Macbeth at the National Theater

  • 'The Finger' at the Experimental Theater

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