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What to do in April in Tirana?

The April starts with festive days in Tirana. It is the most flourishing month in every sense. The Easter weekend falls from 30 March to 2 April. In fact Albania celebrate two Easters, the first one from Catholic community and the other is celebrated a week after, by Orthodox Community. The common thing is going to Church, and then cook the best food for their family, including coloured eggs, which they distribute to their relatives. The first week of April the temperatures are going to be 20 degrees which is a fantastic time to enjoy Tirana. There are also many concerts in open air and severel other events planned for this month. Enjoy!

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The Guardian- Tirana, one of the ultimate child-friendly cities

The prestigious media “The Guardian” has published an interesting article about the ultimate child-friendly city around the world. And believe it or not Tirana is a child-friendly city among with cities like Rotterdam and Vancouver. The Guardian writes about the new changes that have been done in Tirana for children spaces as one of the main priorities of the Tirana Municipality. New playgrounds, outdoor spaces for children and young people are built recently. Also, “Guardian” highlights the new initiative of Municipality: planting trees, making Tirana a greener city. About 60% of trees are provided by citizens and businesses.

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Three mega projects will change the face of Tirana
Tirana is on the right track to be a modern city. The capital of Albania is developing and changing so fast with new investments from foreign investors. Great news comes from Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) will finance three mega projects in Tirana, Albania. Tirana River Northern Boulevard, Tirana River Rehabilitation and Tirana-Elbasan Road are this three main projects. Besides helping the Albanian government achieve its development goals, these projects have directly benefited large segments of the population through creating job opportunities and stimulating various economic sectors.

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Tirana's Communist Heritage Sites-Bradt Travel Guides
The famous Travel Guide in UK, “Bradt Travel Guides” has published an article about Albania’s communist heritage sites, which the most of them are found in Tirana. “For the first 25 years of Albania’s post-communist history, the last thing people wanted to be reminded of was the political repression and economic hardship they had so recently succeeded in getting rid of. Recently, however, national and local authorities have begun to invest in conserving some of the more notable communist sites and curating them so that Albanians and visitors can learn about this difficult and controversial period”- writes Bradt Travel Guides.

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21 Spring Equinoxes in Albania
A very special and unique exhibition was opened these days at National Museum of Tirana, featuring children with Down Syndrome. The exhibition titled “21 spring equinoxes” and the author is the artist/photographer Soela Zani. The photos show portraits of children with Down Syndrome smiling. They all have a crown of spring flowers in their head and smiling to the camera. This exhibition is part of activities held in Tirana on 21 March, the World Down Syndrome Day. There are 21 photos, which symbolize the 21 March, a day which also coincide with Spring Equinox, when the night and day are nearly equal.

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Mondo Viaggiare: Tirana among the most beautiful European Cities
The Albanian capital of Tirana is ranked in the list of the most interesting places in Europe to visit, rich in monuments, historical and cultural sites but also with a beautiful nature. The well-known Italian tourism Web site "Mondo Viaggiare", has dedicated an article to the Albanian capital. Deborah Farinon, the Italian journalist explains the many reasons why Tirana should be visited.Things you shouldn’t miss in Tirana are: Skanderbeg square, Clock Tower, Et’hem Bey mosque and a cable car trip to Mount Dajti. Go in Tirana and you will find history, culture and stunning nature.

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Nowruz Day-How is celebrated in Albania

Nowruz is a Public Holiday in Albania, and is much celebrated, especially by Bektashi believers. Nowruz (literally "new day") is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year. Sultan Novruz's Day is related to the birthday of Imam Ali in Kaaba. In this day everything is revived, there is hope, a resurrection for all mankind. It is a new day when everyone is hoping for a better future. "Novruzi" comes from Persian and means "New Day", while "Sultan" is the high title that points to the importance of this day. Sultan Novruz's holiday has arrived in Albanian lands along with Bektashi faith in the 15th and 16th centuries. In the twentieth century and especially amongst it, this celebration has become a nationwide manifestation.

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The legend behind the ‘Lover’s Grave’ monument

The famous tragedy of 'Romeo and Zhuiljeta' of Shakespeare is known by almost everyone. Even in Tirana there is a legend with the same tragic end. The love-story and tragedy of the Faqebardh and Bukurie is titled "Vorri i Ashikut". The story was originally wrote in the Albanian Studies by the albanologist Johan Georg von Han in 1850 - 1860 after his trip to Middle and North Albania. Then Naum Voilla published in 1885 in Greek language, the legend titled "The Ashik Grave”(Dashnori) and after him Simon Shuteriqi describes it as a romance with the same title in 1911. In January 2008 Ashik's legend was summed up in four variants by author Riza Lahi in the novel "Vorri i Ashikut".

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What happened in March
  • 'Die Fledermaus' operetta at Palace of Congresses
  • ‘Silent noises’ exhibition at DitArt
  • 'The child who saved the World' at the Experimental Theater
  • International Fair Tourism Tirana 2018
  • Award Ceremony of #TiranaWinter 2018 photo contest
  • 'Bridges of Musical Tradition' at Orthodox Cathedral
  • 'Farewell Dinner' comedy at Experimental Theater
  • ''Polina', film at Millennium Cinema
  • The Festival of Theaters TK-Rin Art 2018
  • Work & Study Fair
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Events planned for April
  • The competition 'Get in the Ring' Tirana

  • International Albanian Brass Festival-3rd Edition

  • 2nd Edition, Mediterranean Tourism Fair Tirana 2018

  • 'Die Fledermaus' operetta at Palace of Congresses

  • 'The child who saved the World' at the Experimental Theater

  • 'Safari of Livia' theatre show for kids at the Experimental Theatre

  • Concert 'The Force of Albania' at the Skanderbeg Square

  • 'Silent Sky' at the Metropol Theater

  • Pet Fair at Tirana Zoo Park

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