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‘VisitTirana’ nominated for Emerging Europe Awards

Visit Tirana is very happy to share the great news of being nominated for “Tourism Campaign of the Year” given by the Emerging Europe Awards. Emerging Europe is a London-based think tank committed to boosting the social and economic development of twenty-three countries in Eastern Europe and raising awareness about the region. Albania is one of the countries.

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Lonely Planet -Tirana among 10 European cities to visit in 2018

The prestigious travel guide Lonely Planet has listed Tirana, the capital of Albania among 10 European cities to visit in 2018. Tirana has undergone several transformations and it’s definitely becoming a hotspot for European travelers. Visitors can gaze the colorful building of the capital, try the cheap and delicious food and take a night time tour in the Blloku area.

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20 Do’s and Don'ts in Albania
For tourists who visit for the first time our country, Visit Tirana has listed some tips how to behave here. 1. Try to learn some words in Albanian before you traveling here, at least “Si je? (how are you) or Faleminderit (thank you). You may meet people in some areas wunderstand any word of your language. 2. Don’t travel with auto-stop. Take a bus or a van at bus stations, or in the city centre.

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Tirana Amphitheater is back
The inauguration of the Tirana Open Air Theater, which is known as ‘Tirana Amphitheater’ in the Lake Park, was inaugurated on May 30th. After a great work from Reacting Agency of the Municipality of Tirana in cooperation with other private contributors, The Amphitheater now is restored and turned back the bright atmosphere of this "abandoned" area.

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Notorious Pyramid of Tirana, now a youth center
Pyramid remains the most mystic building in Tirana, but not for long. Until now it was linked with the communist past, but very soon it will turned into the biggest regional center for youth, technology and innovation. The new project for revitalization of Pyramid and transforming it in a multi-functional hub for all young generation, was introduced today by the prime Minister of Albania Mr Edi Rama and the Mayor of Tirana Mr Erion Veliaj.

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Where to get the best ice cream in Tirana
Tirana has plenty of ice-cream shops to sweeten & fresh up your day. We’ve picked some places that need a try if you really want to have a nice flavor. Find your next frozen treat with our guide to Tirana’s ice cream shops. Yogurteria Tirana is one of the most frequented places in Tirana for yogurt and ice cream. This place becomes famous for the best yogurts in the capital, but there you can try also the best ice cream.

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A Colour Day in Colourful capital of Albania, Tirana
For the first time a Color Day Festival was organized in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Mother Teresa square turned into a dream place for all young people of Tirana and other cities and other neighbor countries. The Color Day Festival is a summer festival, founded in Greece, whose themes are music and colours. Many well known singers and DJ performed all the day for 12 hours, starting from midday until midnight. The most lovable singer Elvana Gjata sang her best pop songs in a great atmosphere. People threw colours in air, playing and having fun.

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Business Insider: Take in the pops of colour in Tirana, Albania
Prestigious media such as Lonely Planet, Vogue, Italian magazines has written several articles about touristic Tirana, calling all their readers to visit Tirana, one of the unique cities in Balkans. Now, Business Insider puts Tirana on the list of “19 coolest, most overlooked places for a summer holiday in Europe”. Neil Cartwright, a travel expert at Kayak, suggests a visit to Tirana, Albania."Albania is one of the lesser-known European countries, but one that is great to visit for a long weekend.

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EU Village in the heart of Tirana
Europe Day was celebrated in a unique way in Tirana. Despite the rain, the Skanderbeg square was turned in a little Europe, where you could see everywhere all the flags of EU, hanged in the government buildings close to city center. “EU Village” is part of the Europe Week 2018 and is organized by the EU Delegation to Albania in cooperation with the Embassies of the EU Member States in Albania and EU funded-projects. The first ceremony was the opening of “Europe Tree Park”,- a recreational space behind the statue of Skanderbeg.

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New railway to link Tirana with Airport
The construction of the new railway to link Tirana with the International Airport Mother Teresa will start very soon. The news was announced by the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, and according to him, after more than 30 years this is the first serious investment in the rail network from the EU.The European Union, EBRD and partners will finance 35.5m euros to upgrade the Tirana-Durres railway and to build a new line. n total, the Albanian government has approved a 90m-euro rail fund, while the selection phase has begun.

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Imperishable wisdom a rare exhibition at Hoxha’s Villa
A rare exhibition is on display at the heart of Tirana, inside the villa of the former dictator Enver Hoxha. The exhibition titled “Undying wisdom” is opened on May 5th and will continue to be open until May 20th. 39 artefacts are on display, from which the most known are Codex Beratinus “The Codex of Berat”, which are part of Memory of the World Register of UNESCO. Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the 14th century cultural, spiritual heritage through sacred books and manuscripts, which are stored in the Albanian Central State Archives.

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The history after the building of Puppet Theater
Do you know which is the first Parliament building in Tirana? That building still exists in the same shape in the city center, in the left side of Skanderbeg Statue, and now is known as the Puppet Theater. It is a building with very interesting history dating more than 90 years ago. We are glad that this building is still part of the mosaic of Center of Tirana. Still not restored, but worth visiting. It was designed by Austrians architects, but the construction work finished by Albanian state in 1925. It served as the parliament Building from 1925-1944.

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What happened in May
  • Concert at Skanderbeg Square, Tirana
  • Different Trains Jazz Festival
  • FuckUp Nights Tirana Vol III
  • FirstWave Festival-4th Edition
  • Colour Day Festival
  • 'Rediscover the Park' exhibition
  • 'Night, Mother' play at Metropol Theater
  • 'The Presidents' at Experimental Theater
  • 'The Skanderbeg' Exhibition of children in the National Museum of History
  • The 2nd edition of The Cloud Festival
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Events planned for June
  • Vespa Parade Tirana 2018

  • Triathlon Tirana

  • Rally Albania 2018 14th edition

  • 'Swan Lake' ballet show in the Palace of Congresses

  • ‘Edi Hila-Painter of Transformation’ exhibition

  • Week of Spanish Scenic Arts in Albania

  • 'Ne Konak' - Concert of Tirana Folk Ensemble

  • #TiranaSpring award ceremony

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