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Here are the Winners of #TiranaSpring2018

Visit Tirana announced last night, on June 13th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaSpring2018. The event was organized by Manderina Promotions agency, which owns Visit Tirana. From 1 450 photo posted for this photo contest, the jury of Visit Tirana selected 10 winners. The event was held at Reja instalation, in front of Art Gallery. The atmosphere was fantastic.The competition ran in social media channels of www.visit-tirana.com Instagram @visit_tirana, and Facebook VisitTirana, for the period March-May.

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300 thousands visitors in Tirana in the first 6 months

Tirana has become the favorite destination for tourists from different countries, mostly in Europe. Only in the first six months of 2018, more than 300 thousands foreign tourists have visited Tirana. The Municipality of Tirana has announced that the number of tourists since 2016 has almost doubled.The number of tourists in 2016 was about 300-400 thousands in a year, while in 2017 about 600 thousand tourists visited the city through all the year. While this year, only in first 6 months we have 300 thousands tourists.

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Skanderbeg square, the best European Public Space
Tirana is lucky to have one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Skanderbeg Square is the winner of European Public Spaces for 2018 competing with hundreds projects from 32 European countries. We as Visit Tirana are glad to see that the centre of Tirana, which we promote every day, through our photo contests, and reportages from our city, got such a great appreciation.

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Rita Ora electrified the crowd with Albanian Dance in Tirana
Rita Ora electrified the atmosphere in Tirana on June 3, performing for thousands of citizens at Skanderbeg Square. Rita Ora performed her best songs, most of them are known for young generation in Albania. People were singing with her, and waving their mobile-light in the air. Never have been seen such a huge participation from all the ages, children, young and old people.

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Street Art and Mural Art explode in Tirana
Tirana is changing every day, becoming more and more colorful. Artists from Albanian and foreign countries have left their mark in Tirana by creating beautiful mural arts and street arts. We are happy to see everyday old building painted and decorated with different shapes and colors. In fact, Tirana has become famous for its colorful and bright building, for which we have create a tour with the most beautiful colorful buildings in Tirana.

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Në Konak, a fantastic folk music show in Tirana
Në Konak-a fantastic folk music concert with the best of our traditional songs and costumes. The concert was organized by the Folk Ensemble of Tirana, part of Metropoli Theater, at National Museum on 7th June.The atmosphere was just fantastic. The dancers performed all the typical traditional dances from north to south of Albania.Part of the concert were also folk singers who performed some of the best pieces of our traditional music.

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Thousands of citizens attended the amazing concert of Ermal Meta
As we announced in our article on June's recommendations, this month kicked off nicely with Ermal Meta's concert on the big stage of Skanderbeg Square, where he sang his best hits. Initially, Marsela Çibukaj, Vitmar Basha and Eugent Bushpepa were heat up the stage, and then was the turn of Sanremo winner Ermal Meta, which brought an unforgettable experience for everyone.Applause and endless ovations thrilled the talented singer from Albania and surprised by Tirana he also expressed his gratitude on his Facebook page.

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Mobike in Tirana, the first “Smart Bike Share” in the Balkans
Tirana becomes the first Balkan city to bring the Smart Bike Share station, an ecological and innovative way to move to the city. Each biker can use it after downloading the "Mobike" application on his phone making it an inseparable part of the movement around Tirana revolutionizing the culture of bicycle movement in the city.On the launching day of the first 500 bicycles on the streets of the capital, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, representatives of Mobike and representatives of the Italian and Chinese Embassies in our country were present.

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Metro: Turbulent history to modern and vibrant Tirana
The well-known British newspaper “Metro” has given 7 reasons to its readers to go in Albania, and of course the capital Tirana, is one of the main reasons. Tirana is an eclectic city with so much to offer, from best trendy bars and restaurants, intriguing architecture to communist museums.The rolling landscape is studded with bunkers from the postwar era. The biggest — the atomic bunker belonging to former dictator Enver Hoxha — opened in 2014 as Bunk’Art 1, a museum on the history and secrets of his regime.

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Tirana, full of character and vibrant city in Albania
More and more travel bloggers are attracted by the vibrant capital of Albania. Travels of Bookpacker, a travel blog owned by a couple has listed Tirana, Albania among best cities in Balkan. What they love more about Tirana is that the city is full of character and quirks. Coffee culture is one of the most notable things by tourists. Tirana offers from cheap and delicious food to fine dining.“Tirana is a city full of character and quirks. Emerging from its communist past with all the flair and vibrancy of a European capital but with some edginess and peculiarities still remaining.In this upbeat city you'll find everything from hip cafes to underground bunkers and everything in between.

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BBC-The nuclear bunker in “Europe’s North Korea” in Tirana, Albania
Communist Albania was Europe’s most isolated nation. Fearing invasion, its regime built a top-secret nuclear bunker. Today that bunker is an eerie tourist attraction. From the road, it was hidden. A long tunnel, carved through the hillside in front, was the only way inside. This was not somewhere you could idly wander – it was the entrance to a military base. The tunnel, nearly twice the length of a football field, is cooler than the air outside. Here and there, pools of water collect on the floor. A harmonious hum gets louder and louder as you reach the centre of the tunnel. Behind, the guard standing at the tunnel entrance is a silhouette against the bright light, the size of a toy soldier.

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Warming up with AYO's voice in a rainy evening in Tirana
“My mother is white and my father is black. I’m 100 % of both, not half white or black. I’m just like you”. These inspiring messages about love for God and loving each-other were inseparable part of the beautiful songs and amazing voice of the famous singer AYO, who performed last night in Tirana. The concert held at Tirana Amphitheatre in a fantastic atmosphere. Despite the rain, many people were gathered to the capital's Amphitheatre to enjoy her first time concert in Tirana, Albania. It is great to see many famous singers performing in Tirana, bringing to our stages their culture, their art and music.

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What happened in June
  • Triathlon Tirana
  • 'Swan Lake' ballet show in the Palace of Congresses
  • 'The play that goes wrong' at the National Theater
  • Week of Spanish Scenic Arts in Albania
  • Yoga Fest 2018
  • 'The Queen' at the National Theater
  • 'White Voices' Concert
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Events planned for July
  • Eleni Foureira concert in Tirana

  • Daddy Yankee concert in Tirana

  • 'Is He Dead' at the National Theater

  • Summer Camp Sport Fest

  • '32 Sixty-Nine' exhibition at Bazament Art Space

  • Albanian Handicraft at New Bazaar

  • Nights of Italian Cinema in Tirana at Reja

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