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Things to do in August in Tirana

Are you in August in Tirana and don’t know what to do? No worry we will help you to spend a wonderful time at Albanian’s capital during the last month of this summer. This is the month when Tirana is almost empty, since most of citizens are on their beach vacations. Despite that, August is full of activities in open spaces. Tirana is earning good reputation among the liveliest cities in Balkans and broader. Many concerts are planned for August. Let's explore them together.

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Find the best swimming pools in Tirana

Whether you're looking to swim, or simply escape the summer heat, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the open air. Luckily, Tirana has loads of options for outdoor pools with open-air facilities in every corner of the city or outside the city. There are many resorts of this kind spread all over outskirts of Tirana and we can't name all of them here. We traveled to some of these complexes or resorts, and we are reccomending some of them while you are in Tirana during August. Read the article to learn what we suggest.

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Hydro-Turbine laboratory turned into a modern Theater
A new theater is inaugurated in Tirana on 2nd July. It is called Turbina, (ArTurbina) because of the origin of this building. It used to be a Hydro Turbine Laboratory during communist regime. After the regime collapsed this building degraded and become a rubbish bin in one of the most beautiful areas of Tirana, close to Big Park and Artificial Lake. The new theatre has two stages, one with 400 seats and other with 150 seats. The building offer best technology for stage performance and shows. There are also spaces for exhibitions, and one of them was opened in the first day, showing some works of young artists, with a collection of bags in form of teapot and cups.

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Where to get the best pizza in Tirana
No man can resist pizzas, especially when they are baked properly. We will show our top favorite places of where to get the best pizza in Tirana. Era restaurant is very known restaurant in Tirana, famous for traditional cuisine, but also for tasty pizzas. Pepper Pizza & Cocktail is one of those places where you can eat a good pizza, but also drink a cocktail. If you are in the New Bazaar, you should not leave without trying pizzas in Season Restaurant. If you are looking for a place that serves the richest menu of pizzas look no further, Saporita has got all. There is a place in Tirana when you can taste the famous Pizza Napoletana, just like you can have it in Italy.

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“Fergesa Fest”-Tirana’s traditional dish
Tirana is an interesting destination for culinary delights. There are restaurants offering traditional cuisine as well as rich Mediterranean cuisine. Foreigners are more keen to try traditional culinary and are always looking for authentic Albanian dishes. “Fërgesa, ” is the traditional dish of Tirana, which we recommend to all those travellers who visit Tirana. From now on, the Fergesa dish will have a day a dedicated to celebrate.

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The Castle of Tirana soon will open its doors for visitors
The citizens who walk in Murat Toptani Pedestrian Street, have wondered how the castle looks inside. Well, soon they will have the chance, not only to see but to have a great time inside this old part of Tirana. In a few weeks, Tirana Castle will open the doors for all visitors. This is the great news given by the mayor Veliaj, because another atraction will be added to Tirana.

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The end and beginning- Albania of 1981-91 through photos
The life in Albania during the years 1981-1991 has been beyond the imagination. Probably these are the worst years in a century for people lived in Albania where the country was in total destruction, deep poverty, anarchy that followed the end of Communist regime and begin of the long road of transition. All these dramatic years are brought through 100 photos by the well-known French photographer Michel Setboun. His exhibition was opened in July 6 in the Cod Center in the hall of Government.

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MEMO, communism survivors stories come to live
The Albanian Movement #MeMo, aims to open a constructive dialogue over the communist past of the country. MeMo is an initiative by a group of Albanian artists and intellectuals who are telling the true stories of the survivors of the communist regime. There are true testimonies, documents and memories, which are gathered from people and archives of communism and given a voice by public figures. This initiative aims to make heard all the notorious stories of communism.

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Selim Pasha Toptani’s Saray - monument of culture
Tourists in Tirana have always shown interest to visit monuments of communism and those from King Zog period. One of the cultural monuments in Tirana is the Sarajet e Toptanëve (Toptani Saray’s). Albanians as well as foreigners are always curious to look inside and to learn more. The Toptani Sarays were built around 1833-1840 and are one of the few mansions of feudal lords preserved in the cities of Albania. They consist of 32 oriental styled rooms and facilities, adorned with different decorations.

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Old locomotive turned into attraction in Tirana
A new installation was added in the former train station in Tirana. It’s been a couple of years that Tirana doesn’t have a modern railway, but not for long. Mayor Veliaj, said that soon the citizens of Tirana will travel to the Airport and the city of Durres by electric train. He was present at the inauguration ceremony of ‘Lokomotiva’ installation located at the entrance of the New Boulevard. More than a relic of the Albanian railway launch, steam locomotive serves as a symbol of the unstoppable journey of Tirana's development.

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What happened in July
  • Balet Sprint - The Greatest Showman
  • World Youth Skills Conference
  • Eleni Foureira concert in Tirana
  • Week of Spanish Scenic Arts in Albania
  • Daddy Yankee concert in Tirana
  • DokuFest in Tirana
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Events planned for August
  • Bonbon Festival Tirana 2018

  • Concert 'The Force of Albania'

  • Artisans at “Pazari i Ri” Tirana

  • ‘Chk Chk Chk’ concert in Tirana

  • Stand up paddle at Farka Lake

  • Albania 1981 – 1991 exhibition by Michel Setbound

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