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The rising of the health tourism in Albania

It is no surprise to hear that many foreigners, mostly Italians, come to Tirana, Albania to receive dental services and aesthetic surgery. The recent statistics show that each year more than 1500 foreign patients from EU countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, etc.) come and stay for 7-12 days in Albania to receive these services. Many of the travel agencies operating in Albania offer packages of dental tourism and health tourism.

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A piece of China, a project in Tirana Big Park

The Grand Park is really a relaxing place in the metropolitan Tirana and there are plenty of spots where you can have a moment of peace. Another attraction will be added to the Grand Park, where will be built an "Asian style spot". The Tirana City Park Agency has announced on Facebook that the construction of this relaxing place soon will be finished. This is a project between the Chinese Embassy and the Municipality as a sign of friendship with China.

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The areas in Tirana, known only by locals
The citizens of Tirana know some areas that foreigners don’t know. They even can’t find these areas on the map. It is strange for them if a local says lets meet at Selvia, or at Medreseja, or at Varri i Bamit. They will ask, which street is that area, trying to find it on the map of Tirana. Some of areas are related to old buildings, shops, factories, or linked with special stories such as Zogu i Zi, or Varri i Bamit. "21 –shi "- this is a crossroad between Rruga e Kavajes and Unaza. This name was linked to neighborhood 21 dhjetori, but now is a huge area. The logo of 21 is placed there to identify this place

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What’s the story of Zogu i Zi neighborhood
Everyone who lives in Tirana know where is the place we call “Zogu i Zi”. It is the roundabout in the entrance to the center of Tirana from Rruga e Durresit. Now this place is again under restoration, even though it has changed several times in years. One may wonder why people are calling this place 'Zogu i Zi'. When this toponym is mentioned, often is accompanied by a smile, because several stories are invented about it. But the truth is that this name came after a public faucet which was decorated by a carved black bird on the top of it. This faucet existed years ago.

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One day in Tujani Canyon, 10 km from Tirana
Tirana is full of surprises. since its surroundings are still not fully explored. After 2015 the city has new boundaries, (new decentralisation reform) including many villages, and a spectacular natural crown with mountains, valley, waterfall and gorges, canyons and lakes, which are still unknown for all citizens, but only for some adventures people who reached these places. Qe traveled a day to Tujani Canyon, bringing you this story

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Shkodra's music night in Tirana Amphitheater
A great concert was held in August 24 at the Amphitheater of Tirana. Shkodra has many renowned artists, and it is also called the cultural city of Albania. The greatest Shkodra’s artists: Mukades Çanga, Myfarete Laze, Bujar Qamili and Bashkim Alibali toghether with young singers gave an amazing show for the audience. The stunning atmosphere in the middle of Lake Park made people dancing and applauding for three hours of the concert.

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What happened in August
  • DokuFest in Tirana
  • Love Music Park
  • "The Secret" Exhibition at Reja
  • Concert "Karajfilat e Shkodrës"
  • "The Arbëresh traditional costumes" exhibition at Albanian National Museum
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Events planned for September
  • International Kite Festival Tirana

  • Wine Festival in Shesh Village in Tirana

  • "Elita 5" band concert in Tirana

  • Peza N'Fest

  • Flaka Haliti exhibition at Gallery of Arts Tirana

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