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Coffee for Albanians is just a way of living

Do you know that Tirana is the second city in the world with the highest number of coffee bars per Capita? Albania is coming in second place after Spain, and followed by Cyprus. In Amsterdam there are 63 coffee bars per 100 000 residents, while in Berlin are 36, London 32 etc. This is not only in statistics. It is obvious when you visit Tirana. The culture coffee is very traditional here. It is a sign of hospitality or offering friendship, since the first thing we say to a person we just met is: Can I offer a Coffee, or let’s meet for a coffee.

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Tirana, the roofs are turning into green gardens

A new project was introduced by Tirana Municipality to turn the roofs of private apartment’s buildings into green areas. This kind of project started some time ago on the roofs of Municipality Building, and now will be expanded to the private apartments. Now we have very good examples of restoring the old apartments and making them very aesthetic, with the funds of community itself. The same plan will follow, for making green garden in the terrace of private apartments, where the community will pay for them.

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Top five most photographed places in Tirana
Tirana is becoming one of the most attractive cities in Albania. There are many areas worth to get out your camera or your phone and take a photo of. Everyone is posting photo in their social media accounts. It is become like a competition that is capturing the best moment, the best view of Tirana’s attractions. Tirana’s Artificial Lake, Skanderbeg square, Lana River, Dajti Mountain, and the Murat Toptani pedestrian street are top 5 photographed places in Tirana.

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The true flavor of Italian cuisine in Tirana
There is no doubt that Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. It is also one of the favorite among Albanians. There is a restaurant in Tirana where you can taste the exceptional foods and dishes that come from this wonderful gastronomic country. In this place you find it all in one: bar, lounge and restaurant. Più 39 Food & Clubs is the exclusive restaurant located in the center of ish- Blloku (the former Bloc ) the most active, youthful and vibrant area of the capital.

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A visit to the ‘abandoned’ Botanic Garden
The Botanic Garden is one of the best natural attractions in Tirana, but unfortunately lately is left behind. Work to create the Botanical Garden began in 1964. The garden completed in 1971 and is home to a collection of geographic, systematic and cultural value of Albanian flora. The garden is part of Tirana University. Some 2,000 species of Albanian origin and exotics have been growing here. But currently, data are unavailable on how many species are still cultivated here.

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Impressions of an American couple about Tirana
An American couple visited Tirana on April for the first time. It is impressive that they didn't know anything about our country before this visit. The questions they asked were so diverse from politics to history. “We didn’t expect Tirana so modern and full of life. We loved the painted buildings in Tirana; we loved seeing families in the parks. We didn’t know much about Albania, but Tirana just gave us a desire to visit this amazing country again and discover more", they said.

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Kids in Tirana, campaign to protect the environment
Several activities were held in Tirana on World Earth Day. And we met a group of children from New York Basic Education in Tirana accompanied by their teacher who were on a mission: to spread messages to protect the environment. They stopped the people in the streets and give them politely leaflets with messages to protect the environments through replacing plastic bags with rope bags. Tirana is developed so much in the recent years and the Municipality has undertaken several initiatives, especially this year where they set a record of planting 100,000 trees in the city.

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Night Mother! The famous American drama at Metropoli Theater
Night, Mother! The famous American drama, written by Marsha Norman, premier at Metropoli Theater, directed by well-known artist Ema Andrea. All the play is based on the excellent performance of two actors: Ilire Vinca Kosovar actress, and the young talented actress Egla Ceno. The drama is giving you a powerful emotion. It is a very tense dialogue between mother and daughter trying to find the reasons, why Xhesi wants to commit suicide, why she don’t like to live anymore, what is the real reason of that. A powerful lecture to live or not to live, and why the life is beautiful.

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What happened in April
  • Swing Marathon III
  • The competition 'Get in the Ring' Tirana
  • FuckUp Nights Tirana Vol III
  • International Albanian Brass Festival-3rd Edition
  • Mediterranean Tourism Fair Tirana 2018, 2nd Edition
  • 'Die Fledermaus' operetta at Palace of Congresses
  • 'Night, Mother' play at Metropol Theater
  • 'The Viennese Ball' in Tirana
  • 'The Honor of the Nation' at the Experimental Theater
  • 'Pet Fair' in Tirana
  • Balkan Jazz Festival in Tirana
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Events planned for May

  • Concert at Skanderbeg square, May 1st

  • “Different Trains” Festival

  • Colour Day Festival Albania 2018

  • Open Air Festival-Firstwave

  • Round the clock Book Festival

  • “The Presidents” at Experimental Theater

  • ‘Frankenstein’ at National Theater

  • CrossCountry 2018 – III Round

  • Open Source Conference Albania

  • Construction fair “Albania 2018”

  • Auto Sallon Tirana 2018, 3rd Edition

  • Skanderbeg The exhibition of children at National Historical Museum

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