Newsletter no.67, October 2022
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October is the golden time of the Autumn, when the season is uncovering its most beautiful colors and the weather is just perfect – not too hot and not too cold – to enjoy the outdoor activities, and the various events that Tirana prepared for its residents and guests!

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Tirana Photo Festival- 5th edition (11-23 September), announced the winners in a very fantastic award ceremony on September 11th at GAT (Galeria e Artit Tirane). The exhibition stayed for two weeks, it was visited by hundreds of people. During the festival, two renowned Albanian photographers were part of photography workshops organized by the festival and with the support of Municipality of Tirana. 


Communism Architecture Tour

Communist building complexes are spread all over the city. They used to be grey and ugly, all 5 storey apartments with the same style, same balconies. It was so difficult to differentiate them from each other. The style was adopted from Soviet Architecture.  But after communism fell in '90s, Tirana was given a makeover. It was painted with bright colors, and various patterns.

 Tirana Marathon 2022
6th Edition 

The Tirana Marathon 2022 comes this year with its 6th edition and we can certainly already qualify it as the biggest sports event in the city. This is also shown by the participation of 2500 runners from many different countries of the world. The increase in the number of participants over the years is a good indicator that this race has become beloved by the citizens of Tirana and beyond.

 ChoCoBa Expo - Chocolate, Coffee and Pastry Fair

The first fair in Albania dedicated to Chocolate, Coffee, Pastry and Bread-Baking (Dough) as well as supporting sectors (Furniture, Raw Materials, Logistics, etc.) 

Olive oil tour in Marikaj village 

Olive oil, wine, aromatic plants growing on Albanian soil have a unique flavor. Tirana has a range of olive groves. 
The tour begins with visiting the Marikaj village, then walking to the green hill above the houses, where you can see the 500-150-2500-year-old olive groves, amid a fantastic nature. 

Green Fest- Regional fair 

From October 6 to October 9th, a four-day event that gathers businesses and farmer from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. Under the slogan “Taste the local products” aims to promote local businesses of different regions. The fair will be placed at Skanderbeg square and everyone can visit and buy local products.

 LP- concert in Tirana 

LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is a famous and successful pop singer/songwriter, known massively for the song LOST ON YOU. LP will be in Tirana for the first time and perform her hits at the stage on Mother Teresa square, on October 9th.

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