Newsletter no.65, August 2022
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From long nights by the lake to concerts at Amphitheater, Open air cinemas, long walks on the parks and vibrant nightlife are some of the things you can do in Tirana in August.

One of many reasons to be in Tirana in August is to attend the concert of Dua Lipa and other artists that will be perform on the stage of Sunny Hill Festival on August, 26, 27, 28.  Read more

Bike tour around Grand Park of Tirana

Join us on a relaxing bike ride in the greenest part of Tirana with the focus on sustainability. During this tour we will bike around the lake and through the forest, and see some interesting places in the park, stop there and get explanations from the guide (like the Amphitheatre, the dam, interesting birds, monuments). 

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Exploring the Shumoku Canyon in Tirana 

A fantastic attraction not far from Tirana that is worth visiting now in the summer because the water level is low canyon  making more easy to walk around.  Once you find the starting point of the Canyon you will feel the fresh air and beautiful butterflies flying around. 

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Traditional Coffee Experience

For this experience we will meet at Vila Shijaku, which is located in the old part of Tirana. You will learn everything about the secrets of a good coffee prepared like in the old days. You will enjoy a hot fresh cup in the living room of the old villa or in the beautiful green yard. You can afterwards have a look around the villa and the paintings of Sali Shijaku.

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Communist Architecture Tour

During this themed walking tour, we will discover the traces of the communist time in Tirana. You will see the main old communist buildings and our guide will explain interesting facts about them. We will find out what their original use was, what they are used for today and why they were built the way they are.

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