Newsletter no.62, May 2022
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May is probably the best month to visit Tirana and experience the cultural life and being outdoors. Since the weather gets warmer many open space activates are planned throughout the month, from Spring Festival Tirana, to theater shows and Tiranathlon. Read more

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Tirana Photo Festival is the most popular Photography Festival in Albania, which engages a large community of young people passionate about photography. We invite you to support us in this initiative to motivate young people. You can offer different prizes to the winners or support workshops or festival organization. The theme this year is "Albanian Youth", everything that portrays them.... Sponsor

 Dress in Albanian folk costumes

Want to learn about the Albanian rich folklore costumes, then you are on the right place. The tourist can choose their favorite costume and the guide will explain the details about the clothing how it's made and where it's region. The guide will also take pictures of the tourist dressed in Albanian traditional costume. 
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Communist Architecture tour in Tirana

Albanians suffered almost 50 years isolation from communist regime from (1944-1990). Traces of the that bitter part of history still can be found in different parts of Tirana. Communist building complexes are spread all over the city. They used to be grey and ugly, all 5 storey apartments with the same style, same balconies.The style was adopted from Soviet Architecture.  Read more!

 A coffee at the Sali Shijaku villa 

The garden of one of the oldest villa of Tirana is inviting in spring. You can have a coffee or a tea in the beautiful garden while hearing the birds chirping. 
 For those of you who have not visited the painter's gallery before, we suggest you to definitely see this hidden in the alleys of Tirana.
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 Lea from Germany visiting Bovilla Lake

Lea from Germany is doing an internship in Albania in the field of Sustainable Tourism. During her free time, she’s exploring Tirana and other cities and started to write articles about her trips to share experiences. The first article is about her family daytrip to Bovilla Lake.
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Events in May

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