Newsletter no.61, April 2022
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Warm weather, springtime atmosphere, plenty of activities are some of the reasons you should visit Tirana in April. It is the most flourishing month in every sense. Plenty of events are planned on the occasion of “Tirana European Youth Capital”. Read more

Experience olive products with all your senses

A unique experience that everyone must try it while visiting Tirana. The tour will take place at the Subashi Oil Shop & Souvenirs in Tirana Castle. Participants will make by their own the aromatic olive oil with herbs, produce a cosmetic product with olive oil and other items provided in the shop.  Find out more!

 Explore Shmoku Canyon in Spirng

The Canyon of Shmoku is located in the suburb of ‘Priskë e Madhe’ village. The canyon is 10 meters high. The rock formation is "pumice" and sandstone. Its length is about 200-300 meters where in certain areas it becomes narrow and high. Along the canyon there are small waterfalls, creating a beautiful panorama. Read more!

Embroidery Experience in Tirana

Learn the ancient art of embroidery in Tirana at the “Tradita Popullore” shop at Tirana Castle. The guide will meet you at the Murat Toptani Street and accompany at the shop. One of the artisans will teach you the basics of embroidery. Participants can choose a pattern, can create a dedication for their loved ones. This way they will have a beautiful memory from their trip in Tirana.
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 The beauty of Kakunj waterfall can be seen in Spring

Tirana is blessed with many natural places such as canyons, caves and waterfalls. This is Kakunja waterfall, located near the village of Kakunjë. It is also known as the waterfall of Askolaj cliff. At about 8-9m, Kakunja waterfall is a continous torrent of water pouring off the side of a cliff especially during spring. 
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Dental tourism brings more visitors in Tirana, Albania
Have you ever thought about travelling for pleasure and at the same time do your dental services within budget? Well, you are in the perfect place, Dental tourism in Tirana has seen a rise over the past years due to cheaper labor and material costs. Emerald Dental Clinic offers a full package with personalized treatment to amend all your aesthetic problems.
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