Newsletter no.58, January 2022
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2022 is absolutely the year of Tirana, with lots of amazing great events aiming to promote the capital of Albania and its energetic youth. Over 1000 events will be organized this year in the framework of the “Tirana European Youth Capital 2022” program.  Read more

The holidays magic still continues in Tirana on the first two weeks of January. Beat the January blues by visiting the Skanderbeg square, a warm drink at New Bazaar, or a lunch at Castle of Tirana.  If you are an adventure spirit, the Shengjergj area offers many challenging experiences, like ice-skating on the frozen lake called “The Rabbit Lake”. Read more

A multimedia exhibition, including photos, documents, documentary, voices of relatives of Mauthausen prisoners, will open for Albanian public on 21 January until 31 January at National History Museum. Learn more

The best seafood we've tried so far in Tirana

Habitat Restaurant is thought to give customers a nice experience by enjoying Mediterranean food and excellent service. The elegant interior invites you to have lunch or dinner at your own peace. Their specialty is Italian cuisine, they make the best seafood dishes.
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 Coriolanus at the National Theater

Coriolanus is a tragedy by William Shakespeare which will be performed at the National Theater of Albania on January, 13-14-15-16. Read more!

A winter trip to Cyclops' Eye outside Tirana

The Natural Monument known as the Cyclops' Eye, these recent years has become a very popular destination outside Tirana. The most frequented period is from spring to summer. But there are adventurers who do not fear the winter and have visited in January. Read more!

Albania Water sports at Grand Park Lake

Paddle board is a great sport activity to enjoy in the fresh January air at the Grand Park of Tirana. This time of the year the lake is very quiet and you can enjoy by riding a boat or paddle board.  

Traveling in Albania, COVID19 rules and restrictions

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